Biuro tłumaczeń - kiedy sięgnąć po jego pomoc i jak je wybrać?

A translation agency – when to ask for its help and how to choose it?

The importance of knowledge of foreign languages ​​is growing year by year – not only in the private sector, where people use it to establish contact with people from outside our country, but also in the corporate sector. Entrepreneurs often use it to establish cooperation with companies from abroad, but also to look for new customers just outside our country. Although knowledge of English has become almost a standard over the years, it is often necessary to use a different language (and English itself is the basis for young people, but not necessarily for older people). Then one of the options is to use a translation agency . When else is it helpful and how to find one that will meet all our expectations? We are going to tell you about it in this article.

Translation agency – when can it come in handy?

A translation agency is a company that – in short – deals with the preparation of translations from a foreign language into Polish (and vice versa). Often, it also offers access to qualified staff who are ready to help with the so-called simultaneous interpreting (and therefore those consisting in translating live conversations). We reach for her services mainly then:

  • when we need to translate a letter to the court – a professional translation agency gives access not only to “ordinary” translations, but also to sworn translations – in order to carry them out, a translator with appropriate permissions is required ; he can translate procedural and official documents and take responsibility for certifying their compliance with the original;
  • when we cooperate with a foreign contractor – often the offer sent to us by a foreign contractor, especially from China, which is recently popular in the world of trade, turns out to be illegible and incomprehensible to us. A translation agency is able to clarify the situation and, of course, help in correspondence with a client who uses a language that is problematic for us;
  • when we have to prepare a document in several different languages – if the document we prepare has to be translated into other languages, the translation agency is able to do it within itself – thanks to it, we do not have to look for translators specializing in each language we require;
  • when we do not have time to sit in books – studying or working often comes the need to translate something from a foreign language; we do not always have time to sit with a dictionary in hand and translate this word for word – even if we only want to understand the main message of the text or recording, it will be more convenient for us to use the offer of a translation agency ;
  • when we want to get in touch with a person from another country – “the most difficult first step” – these are the words of a popular song; there is some truth in them – so if we want to impress a person from the other part of the world, it is worth preparing the statement correctly and in the most understandable way. The office will not only translate our statement into a foreign language for us – it is also able to check if the one translated by us is correct and understandable.

How to choose the right office for us?

Due to the fact that in Poland there are tens of thousands of different translation agencies, and the competition in this market is still growing, it is worth choosing one that will meet all our expectations. To do this, first of all, pay attention to the scope of services offered by a given office – it is important that it includes the language we want and the translation option for which we want to pay (for example, sworn translation or translation of audio text into text). We also take into account the experience  – obtaining information about it should not be difficult (which translation agency he does not like to brag about important clients and projects he has completed on his website), and it will allow us to avoid contact with a company that is just starting out on the market.

In the process of choosing the services of a given office, reviewing the opinions about it to date will certainly help us – the ideal situation would be to choose an office based on a recommendation from our friend. As it is not always possible to count on it, you can use opinions published on the Internet – be it on forums or discussion groups.


A translation agency is a company whose services are used very often. All because of the opening of our country abroad and the growing importance of foreign languages ​​in everyday life. Although the ability to use at least one language other than the native one is a standard today, it is impossible to communicate in every possible dialect. This is when the aforementioned translation agency comes into action – due to the large number of companies providing its services, we must, however, approach the right one with a large dose of common sense, trying to bet on one that will do its job quickly, cheap and at the same time fulfilling our way expectations.

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