Medycyna estetyczna: najczęściej zadawane pytania

Aesthetic medicine: frequently asked questions

Aesthetic medicine: frequently asked questions – Drooping eyelid, excessive hair, nasolabial furrows – these are just a few problems that we can solve with the help of aesthetic medicine. What treatments should you choose? What to look for when looking for a cosmetologist? What are the prices of popular treatments? – We present the answers to these and many other questions in our today’s guide devoted to issues related to aesthetic medicine.

Of the many questions, we chose a few that most often appear on online forums. We hope you find our tips helpful.

How old do I have to be to undergo aesthetic medicine?

In this case, there is no definite answer, because non-invasive procedures are performed, for example, already in adolescents who are struggling with acne or scars. The skin of a young person usually does not need botox or hyaluronic acid. Although it happens that even more often 17-year-old girls decide to enlarge the lips or contour. However, it is worth remembering that many salons do not provide services to minors. The optimal age is about 30 years old, when the first signs of aging are already appearing on our skin.

Why do lips cost PLN 800 in one salon and PLN 300 in another?

The price is often the most important incentive, which we are guided by when choosing a salon. It happens that some offices on the occasion of the opening or some jubilee reduce the fee for a given service, and also create beneficial packages for their patients. However, in the case of interference in our body, it is worth remembering that cheaper does not mean better and price discrepancies often result from the quality of the products or the skills of the person performing the procedure. If we decide on a specific procedure, it is worth checking whether the salon and the cosmetologist have the appropriate qualifications in the form of completed hens, training, or the opinions of other patients. This is extremely important and the best example of this are permanent eyebrows, which are difficult to fix later.

Do aesthetic medicine have to be performed only by doctors?

Although this is an increasingly common practice, it is not an obligation. Many cosmetologists have much more competence in this field than, for example, a dermatologist who has changed his profession. A wide range of various trainings, fairs or conferences devoted to the subject of aesthetic medicine means that cosmetologists can boast of huge knowledge and, what is very important, an indisputable experience.

How to choose the right salon?

Before we start searching, it is worth determining what we really need and what we care about most. It happens that especially determined women can wait up to 6 months for an appointment to have a specific cosmetologist. The first thing we should do is check the reviews about the place. Next, it is worth verifying whether the surgery publishes online photos of the treatments that often help you make decisions. If we do not feel confident, then we can use a free consultation, which should resolve any doubts. Certainly, avoid the salons that constantly change their staff and react negatively to customer suggestions. Low price (e.g. 50% cheaper compared to the competition) is also a signal to accurately verify the salon.A good solution is to compare the offer of two or three places.

Do aesthetic medicine treatments hurt?

This is certainly a too general question. Other tools are used to remove excessive hair, others to moisturize the skin, and others to enlarge the lips. It happens that in the case of botox or lasers , patients may complain of discomfort, but most often it takes a while and does not cause later health problems . In some cases, patients may benefit from anesthetic ointment, which also helps to relieve pain.

Can you become addicted to such treatments?

Let’s start with the most important information – no preparation used during aesthetic medicine procedures has addictive properties, so nothing should happen to us. It happens that patients who constantly want to improve their appearance (although they do not have to indicate for treatments) decide on an additional botox or other service. It is worth mentioning, however, that it depends on the individual approach of the patient. In many professional salons, cosmetologists often report that a given procedure is inadvisable or simply unnecessary.

Therefore, in summary, it is worth emphasizing that aesthetic medicine treatments can significantly improve the comfort of our lives, while eliminating many of our complexes. However, to fully enjoy the possibilities it is very important which salon you choose. Only a qualified and competent cosmetologist will be able to meet our expectations and make us get the expected result. The price is also a parameter to pay attention to. It is better to postpone the visit for several months and collect additional funds than to use the services of a pseudo cosmetologist.