Wszystko o lampach. Kupowanie, montowanie, konserwacja

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All about lamps. Purchasing, mounting, maintenance

All about lamps. Purchasing, mounting, maintenance: If someone is planning to renovate an apartment and want to introduce some changes to it, it is worth ensuring, among other things, that the whole apartment has really good lighting. Some people are unaware of the importance of this in their daily lives and how good lighting can change their everyday lives.

What kind of light in each room?

It is very important, when choosing good lighting, to choose the right lamps in each room. Not all will fit everywhere. In some rooms , hanging lamps will be ideal , while in others, they may look very bad, but halogen ceiling lamps that are mounted in the ceiling will look very good.

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Hanging lamps , standing lamps , or office lamps and others must be selected to match the style of the room and the color of the walls. They must be selected in such a way as to perfectly match the furniture located there. It cannot be that, for example , indoor hanging lamps will be in a modern style, and the furniture itself will be very classic. Everything has to fit together. Maybe some people are not aware of it, but when guests enter rooms, they pay attention to everything, including lamps, so they must be matched.

Lamps should also be selected according to the size of the room, as well as the height of the ceiling in it. If the ceiling is quite high, hanging lamps will be great , because they will optically lower the ceiling and thus avoid the effect that the apartment will seem empty, and the amount of free space will be terrifying. However, hanging lamps are not only lighting that should be in individual rooms, because it is very important to also take care of all additional lighting. Such additional lamps, including wall lamps or floor lamps, are not as effective as hanging lamps, they do not provide enough light to illuminate the entire room, but they work very well when we do not want to turn on the main light and we only need one light source in one place. This is a really good solution to keep in mind. When there are no additional lamps, staying in a given room and, for example, reading a book may not be as comfortable.

What lamps in the bedroom?

If we choose specific lamps for individual rooms, we should pay attention to what functions are primarily fulfilled by this room. In the bedroom, we can not only sleep, because if someone has a really large bedroom, they can also change there, get ready for work, go out to the city, or read a book in bed, and then you should take care of the main lamp and additional lamps.

Various types of hanging lamps work well as the main lighting in a room such as a bedroom . They will illuminate the entire room, creating a pleasant atmosphere. However, when it comes to all kinds of additional lighting, first of all, you should think about bedside lamps at the beginning. They should give a soft light, which makes it pleasant and comfortable to read a book. However, they should not be strong enough to blind the person who will sleep in the bed. It is the hanging lamps that fulfill the function of strong lighting. What’s more, when it comes to lamps that will help with getting dressed and getting ready, for example for a woman, wall lamps can play a role., tall standing lamps mounted above the mirrors, also best placed next to the mirrors, and additionally, you can, for example, try to have LED bulbs mounted around the mirror, but this may be a bit more expensive. Don’t limit yourself to lamps such as pendant lamps , because while they give a lot of light, they will not always work well. Of course, this applies not only to the bedroom, but also to any other room.

How to care for lamps?

If we want our lamps to shine really well all year round and look like new all the time, it is very important to take care of them regularly. It is especially important in the case of lamps with lampshades, i.e. usually hanging and standing lamps . Shades made of such lamps should not only be regularly wiped from the outside several times a week, but also make sure that the inside is clean.

For this purpose, the pendant lamps should be removed from the lampshades, which are best placed in a bathtub or a sufficiently large bowl. For washing, warm soapy water is enough and the dirt will come off really smoothly. The lamp should be cleaned gently with a cloth. When the lamp dries, it is worth polishing it so that there are no streaks on it. If someone is worried about stains, before polishing the lamp can be washed in water with vinegar, which will avoid stains. There is no need to worry about the smell as it will not be felt. The only thing left to do is polish the lamp and install it and enjoy the effects it gives. For people who also have problems with matte lamps, a good solution may be to polish them with toothpaste.