Programy antywirusowe - dlaczego warto się nimi zainteresować?

Antivirus programs – why should you be interested in them?

Antivirus programs – why should you be interested in them? There are many applications that should be installed on our computer after the first launch. While most people will choose the right web browser, music player, movie player or graphics program first, there is actually something much more important. I am talking about something that cares about the safety of ourselves and our computer. Antivirus programs , because that’s what we mean by them, can protect us from all the dangers that may lie in the IT sphere. Why is their selection so important? Should I choose a free or paid program? How does a good antivirus work? We will try to answer all these questions in our article.

What are good antivirus programs and how do they work?

Antivirus is a program that has one task – to protect our computer against all kinds of threats , and therefore against popular “viruses”. Its mission is to detect threats and eliminate them in the bud, before they can do us any harm.

There are two types of antivirus programs. First of all, they monitor all kinds of activities within our hard drive (this is an option available in selected programs) and react every time we want to open or save a potentially dangerous or virus-infected file. Secondly, they can not only prevent, but also “cure” – with one click of the mouse, we can use them to scan our entire computer for all kinds of threats, and in the whole process they simply neutralize them.

Of course, new, even smarter viruses are constantly appearing on the web (and not only), which fight to access our data or the possibility of harming us – one way or another. Therefore, antivirus programs constantly update their virus database. The more modern ones use the cloud, always having access to their current database (without the need for traditional updating).

Free vs. Paid Antivirus

Antivirus programs are available on the market in two versions – paid and free. There is no need to beat around the bush – most users are fully satisfied with their free version. Especially when they do not store important data on the computer’s hard drive, but they also often back them up. Free antiviruses are equipped with a monitoring function, but also with a – often limited – scanner. However, they usually update less frequently, leaving us vulnerable to the latest virus varieties.

Paid antivirus is an ideal option for companies that usually store very sensitive and valuable data on the computer, the loss of which would be very undesirable. The paid option is much more effective, mainly due to the always priority update of the virus database (it is estimated that a new virus appears on the network every few minutes). It uses modern solutions, without forcing us to take any action (for example, clicking the update button). It also provides access to dedicated technical support in the event of more serious problems.

Basic functions of antivirus programs

      • Disk scanning – the basis of this type of program is the possibility of x-raying everything on our disk for viruses. This will allow to detect and neutralize all files that are or may be dangerous for us and our computer in the future.
      • Real-time protection – good antivirus programs are able to monitor everything that appears on our computer’s hard drive on an ongoing basis (including photos, movies, music, data archives and everything else) and detect potential threats. Thanks to them, we will feel at ease and safe.
      • Firewall – a firewall allows you to monitor network traffic and block access to websites that may harm us. The perfect option for all those who don’t look at what they click.
      • Mailbox protection – who does not use e-mail these days? In fact, it can pose a huge threat that we do not always expect. Having an email check for viruses in their attachments can prove to be very valuable.


Antivirus programs are one of the most basic, though optional, applications that we should have on our computer. They are able to protect us against many threats, allow to “decontaminate” our computer from viruses and take care of the security of the data we store on the hard drive. Due to their important role, we should not underestimate the choice of this type of program for ourselves . We should always pay attention to its functionalities, putting them above the price. It is also worth betting on an antivirus, which simply will not slow down our computer – it is a very important factor that is not taken into account by everyone. Remember that in order for an antivirus to be effective, it must run in the background – it would be good if it did not significantly limit the computing power of our computer.