Apple MacBook Air 13'3" M1 256GB Srebrny

Apple MacBook Air 13’3 M1 256GB Silver

Apple MacBook Air 13’3 M1 256GB Silver: Apple has been ranked as one of the most popular companies in the world for years. They owe their success to their unusual approach to customers and the company’s policy initiated by Steve Jobs – one of the most popular entrepreneurs of all time.

From the beginning of its activity until now, the company offers its proprietary devices ranging from computers to smartphones. Today we will take a closer look at a particular model of a portable computer – Apple MacBook Air 13’3 M1 256GB Silver.

Elegance and minimalism

These are the first words that come to mind when looking at this model. The compactness and slim line of this device are striking. The material used to finish the housing is silver, matt aluminum. It works perfectly in computers of this type, because it is resistant to scratches and is great at dissipating excessive heat from the device.

On the back, as standard, we find a shiny, eye-catching logo of a bitten apple. On the sides of the computer there is not much going on: the laptop is equipped with two Thunderbolt inputs on one side and a jack input on the other.

Looking inside, the first thing that catches your eye is the keyboard. Here, too, Apple has opted for minimalism. It looks very aesthetic and the level of its backlight is enough to work in the greatest darkness. Under the keyboard you will find a large, responsive trackpad. In this regard, Apple sets the standard as always.

The right size and click response makes working on the trackpad very pleasant. There are two speakers on both sides of the keyboard. For the small size of the device, you can’t really say anything bad about the speakers – they play loud and resonant enough, individual tones can be distinguished.

An eye-catching image

The display, as befits a giant from California – is of the highest class. We have here a proprietary Retina screen with a diagonal of 13’3 inches. The resolution is 2560 x 1600 pixels. True Tone technology is also used here, which is to improve the contrast and color saturation by adapting to the environment in which we work. The maximum brightness given by the manufacturer is 500 nits. Working in full sun, we will have no problem reading information from the screen. The display displays colors in the P3 gamut.

The real magic happens inside

The use of the proprietary M1 chip in this computer was a historic step for Apple. Previously, Intel processors were used in MacBooks. Currently, the M1 unit is one of the most powerful available on the market. Fans of the company finally got what they expected.

For the price that Apple wanted for the MacBook, you could buy many computers from the competition with much better technical specifications. Thanks to the M1 processor, this laptop is no longer an interesting alternative, but what we can expect for such money. The power offered now allows you to perform much more demanding work than on Intel processors.

Image processing, video editing or programming is possible without overloading the computer.

Another new solution used in this model is the abandonment of fans. It was replaced here with an aluminum heat spreader. Thanks to this, the device operating even under maximum load is completely silent. The heat dissipation is perfectly designed so as not to burn the user when working with the computer on his lap.

When it comes to the battery, Apple did not disappoint fans here either. The use of the M1 chip allowed for a significant reduction in energy consumption. According to the manufacturer, the work on a single battery charge is to be up to 15 hours.

This model comes with a 256GB SSD. This is sufficient capacity for users dealing with office work, but for more demanding people, it is worth considering buying a model with a disk with a larger capacity.

Everyday use

Is this model good for everyday work? Definitely yes. The compactness and weight of the device of 1.29 kg allows us to store the laptop in any bag or backpack. This computer is great for studying because of the long working time on one battery and mobility.

Thanks to the use of Touch ID and the M1 processor, waking up is almost immediate. The Magic Keyboard used in this model is highly appreciated by all people who write a lot on the computer.


MacOS Big Sur is currently used in the MacBook. Combining it with the M1 chip creates a very efficient and powerful composition. Working in several programs at the same time is not a problem. Thanks to specially designed applications, we get a multi-tasking device with a huge amount of power.

It is also worth mentioning the cooperation of the computer with other devices from Apple. If you already have an iPhone or iPad, it is worth considering buying this computer because of working in an environment that allows you to work on different devices.

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