Złomowanie samochodu – jak się pozbyć samochodu krok po kroku?

Car scrapping – how to get rid of the car step by step?

Car scrapping – how to get rid of the car step by step? Do you have a car the repair of which far exceeds the value of the vehicle and it is no longer possible to sell it? Polish law gives us several options to get rid of the trouble. The easiest solution will be to scrap the car.

When can a car be deregistered?

Of course, you can’t just put your car in a junkyard. We have to stick to specific procedures. Otherwise, you could get yourself into serious trouble. The owner of the car cannot simply park it and stop paying insurance. The car must be unregistered in the first place, and for this the foundations must be solid. In the Road Traffic Act we can read, inter alia, that the vehicle is subject to the place of registration of the last vehicle by the competent authority at the request of the owner when:

– the car has been stolen,

– the car has been handed over to the entrepreneur who runs the disassembly station,

– we have taken the vehicle out of the country,

– the car was scrapped abroad,

– we have documented permanent and complete loss of ownership of the vehicle without changing the ownership of the right.

The most common way to get rid of this type of problem is to scrap the car. However, it is worth doing it properly so that you do not have to deal with possible problems later.

What exactly is vehicle scrapping?

A car that is no longer suitable for driving, or its repair and further maintenance is no longer profitable, can be taken to a disassembly station or to a vehicle collection point. Before that, you should make sure that this point is completely legal and has the permission of the appropriate marshal of the voivodeship.

When going directly to the disassembly station, you should have your ID card or another document with you that confirms our identity and, of course, the vehicle registration certificate, vehicle card, if issued, as well as another document that confirms the data that is directly contained in registration certificate. In order to be scrapped, a car must have a VAN number, or a chassis, chassis or frame number.

What should we remember when scrapping?

The dismantling station invalidates the registration card, vehicle card and also vehicle registration plates. Then, the disassembly station issues declarations of cancellation and all confirming certificates of scrapping the vehicle. The latter is issued in exactly three copies. The first is for the owner of the car, the second is for the owner of the scrapped station, and the third is for the communications department.

Then the former owner of the vehicle has to go to the communication department on his own and submit an application for deregistration of the car. We have thirty days for this, which is a relatively long time. However, this obligation must not be postponed until the last minute. It is also worth reporting the car’s deregistration to your insurance company so that we will not be charged a third-party liability insurance premium. By the way, you can also get a refund of the unused premium for the period from the date of scrapping the vehicle to the end of the insurance period.

Who exactly pays whom for scrapping?

As a rule, every car owner gets money for his wreckage. The amount of the amount depends on the specific weight of our car. Usually it is a price in the region of between three and five hundred zlotys. However, we must draw attention to a very significant point. If our car is no longer complete, i.e. its weight will be less than ninety percent of the new vehicle’s weight, the disassembly station may charge the owner a fee. The fee, on the other hand, cannot be higher than ten zlotys for each missing kilogram.

As you can see in the attached picture, scrapping the vehicle can bring us a lot of benefits. Not only will we get rid of our car as much as possible, which we can usually drive safely, we will also be able to recover at least a little money. However, we must remember to follow all procedures and report scrap metal to the appropriate communication department.

We have already learned that scrapping as a process is not a long and difficult process that requires some special behavior from us. It is enough to report to the first better scrapping point. Of course, we must provide all relevant documents. We can’t do anything without documents. We should also remember to read opinions about them before deciding on a specific point. Opinions are a very significant determinant. The more positive feedback the better. Of course, negative points should put us off. Rather, we will not decide to cooperate with the disassembly station, which has a lot of negative opinions. What is what, but rather, we decide on those on recommendation and with mostly positive opinions, which definitely attract us.