OCP przewoźnika - dlaczego jest tak popularne wśród firm przewozowych?

OCP przewoźnika - dlaczego jest tak popularne wśród firm przewozowych?

Carrier’s OCP – why is it so popular among shipping companies?

Carrier’s OCP – why is it so popular among shipping companies? Transport companies transport goods on behalf of clients. In order for the goods and the car to be safe, it is worth buying appropriate insurance. The most important policies for carriers include OCP insurance. It is a carrier’s liability insurance. Policies available for purchase at Polish insurance companies are usually divided into mandatory and optional. Although OCP is optional insurance, many transport companies do not even consider not buying this policy. This is because it is the carrier who is responsible for the goods that have been entrusted to him. Cooperation with a carrier that has OCP is the best and safest option for the customer – in the event of damage to the goods, the losses will be covered by the policy.

Carrier’s OCP – what is it? The subject of the OCP policy.

The carrier’s OCP is a popular type of policy among transport companies in our country. However, many people do not really know what this policy entails and what the benefits are. The OCP policy is an insurance aimed at ensuring all protection for all goods transported as part of international or domestic transport. In the event of an accident resulting in loss of material value by the transported materials, the insurance company is responsible for covering all costs and paying compensation in the specified amount. The subject of the carrier’s liability insurance is the property policy in transport and civil liability for damages arising from the moment of acceptance of the goods until their delivery to the recipient. The companies that offer this policy are responsible for any material damage that could be caused by damage, loss or partial loss of the shipment. The OCP policy also protects against financial losses that arise due to the delay in the delivery of the goods.

Why is it worth having OCP insurance?

The OCP policy guarantees the carrier’s insurance in a situation where the contract of carriage is improperly performed and there is, for example, theft, damage or destruction of the goods or delay in delivery. At the same time, the OCP policy gives people who use the services of a given transport company safety and certainty, as well as a chance to obtain possible compensation in the event of damage. More and more often, customers decide to bypass the commissioning of transports to carriers who are not insured. Insurance companies have different responsibilities, although the reality is not that big of a difference between the offers. It is also worth mentioning that insurance companies usually also protect against the effects of damage or destruction of goods due to failure, fire,accident or theft from a guarded parking lot. The carrier and the driver, however, are burdened with many obligations, the failure of which may lead to the non-payment of the policy.

What is the territorial scope of the OCP insurance?

The territorial scope of the carrier’s liability insurance depends primarily on whether the transport company transports goods only in Poland or abroad. The carrier’s OCP covering only Polish borders is usually much cheaper. In the case of a worldwide territorial scope, the carrier’s OCP insurance will require the payment of a much higher amount. To know what OCP policy you will need, it is worth reading the content of the bill of lading. The right choice of OCP policy is very important – thanks to this, it will meet our expectations and needs.

What must be done before taking out an OCP policy?

It is worth knowing what to do before signing an OCP insurance contract. First of all, remember to check the list of exclusions from the scope of basic insurance, i.e. situations when the insurance company does not pay compensation. This very often applies to:

      • use of a vehicle that is not fully operational,
      • handing over the goods to an unauthorized person,
      • improper distribution or loading of goods,
      • driving a vehicle by a drunk person or one who has no qualifications,
      • hidden defect of the goods,
      • forfeiture or confiscation of goods,
      • vehicle parking in an unguarded car park.

OCP insurance cost. Which determines?

The cost of the OCP insurance premium depends on the client – it is calculated individually. Insurance companies very often take into account the company’s annual net turnover as the basis for premium calculations. The greater the turnover of the shipping company, the greater the premium will have to be paid. For insurance companies, factors influencing the risk, such as:

    • guarantee sum – determined by the client, the higher it is, the higher the OCP insurance premium will be.
    • type of goods that are transported – goods exposed to destruction and theft include, for example, electronic equipment or alcohol.
    • territorial scope of activity – the transport company may not only offer the transport of goods on the Polish market, but also abroad (then the insurer offers international OCP).