Sprzęt jeździecki dla jeźdźca rekreacyjnego

Equestrian equipment for the recreational rider

Equestrian equipment for the recreational rider: Horse riding is an interesting and demanding sport that can easily turn into a real passion. And when we start to drive more and more, it is worth taking care of the appropriate equipment. Below are some tips on how to start to complete all equestrian accessories .

First step – what equipment for a beginner?

When we are just taking the first steps in horse riding, we should not invest money in purchasing professional equipment. Unless we are absolutely sure that nothing will discourage us during the lesson and we will continue learning. Otherwise, during the first class, we can limit ourselves only to completing comfortable clothes.

At the beginning of the learning, the instructor will lead our horse on a lunge. Thanks to this, during training, he can easily control the animal if we make a mistake. For this type of activity, we only need comfortable sweatpants or leggings. Rather, we should not wear jeans, because they do not have as much freedom of movement as in sweatpants. The shirt should be loose so that it does not interfere with the rotation of the body. However, when it comes to shoes, it is enough for them to be on a flat sole with a small heel. The heel prevents the foot from slipping off the stirrup. It’s better not to choose sneakers or sneakers, because it will be difficult for us to wear them.

A helmet or a toque is a professional element of equipment that is needed for the first lesson. However, we do not have to buy it, because practically all horse riding centers offer the possibility of renting them.

Second step – regular recreational riding

If we had the initial lessons and still want to continue learning, we should start completing a full set of equestrian equipment. Below is a list of basic accessories.


The helmet protects us against head damage. Unfortunately, most accidents, including fatalities, are caused by the lack of a helmet.

When we travel for a long time, it is worth taking care of your own helmet, and not borrowing it, especially if the center in which we are driving does not have adjustable helmets or only has rollers that do not provide full protection.

A helmet is an element of equestrian equipment that should not be economical. It is best to buy a model that provides the highest level of protection. In addition, it is worth taking care of an adjustable model so that it fits well to the shape of the head and we should not forget about ventilation. In a full helmet we start to sweat very quickly and this can cause discomfort while riding. If horse riding has turned into our passion, we can buy two different helmets, one with ventilation for warm spring and summer, and one without ventilation for more cloudy and cold days. We can buy a good quality helmet with certificates for PLN 350-400.


Shoes are the second most important thing to buy, after a helmet. Shoes, like a helmet, are an important element that improves our safety. Shoes should be above the ankle with a smooth sole and low heel. The heel is important because it prevents our leg from sliding deep into the stirrup. Boots should be narrow so that they do not get jammed in the stirrup. We must remember that every jerk of our leg affects the horse, so we should choose our shoes carefully.

In the case of shoes, we can choose from high boots or low Chelsea boots. If we choose low shoes, we should buy leggings (detachable uppers). Chelsea boots seem to be more universal, they can be adapted to any weather.


Breeches are more comfortable than leggings and are better for people who spend a lot of time in the saddle. Good quality breeches can be found primarily in equestrian shops, but also in some large sports stores, focused on various sports disciplines.

Choosing the right breeches is difficult and the price does not always match the quality. Sometimes the two models differ only in cost and brand. Therefore, before buying, we should always check the opinions about specific models or consult an instructor. The prices of breeches range from PLN 60 to PLN 700. Good quality breeches can be purchased for as little as PLN 150-200.


Contrary to appearances, gloves are not a fashionable accessory, but are an important piece of equipment. They come in handy at the very beginning of your adventure with horse riding. The rider has to control the reins all the time, and it is not easy when the palms are sweating and sliding. Gloves protect your hands against abrasions and allow for a more secure grip on the reins. Without it, it will be difficult for us to control the horse.

It should be noted here that there are big differences between the different models of gloves. It is worth buying professional gloves of good quality right away, because cheap models can be just gloves and not equestrian equipment, which may mean that they will not fulfill their role and will not help us keep the reins more confidently.