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Events for companies

Nowadays, the consumer has to feel that he is unique and should be constantly surprised. Mindless and insistent persuading him to buy a product or using a service, or even frequent information via e-mail may lead to his strong reaction. As a rule, it means “offending” a given supplier and boycotting its products. Knowing about all this, companies try to reach their current and new customers in an increasingly clever way. One of the tools for this is the organization of events for companies.

Events – a response to market needs

The fashion for this type of project is already quite popular in Poland. It came to our country from the west, where several dozen years ago marketers came to the conclusion that the most effective and easiest way to teach is to spend time actively and having fun. Events for companies are nothing else. It is a popular promotional tool, aimed at providing the most important information about a product or service, in addition, events for companies are aimed at reaching the largest group of recipients.

A common procedure is to combine the event itself with interaction. If both the company’s employees and the consumer are persuaded to perform certain activities, it will happen that both groups (employees and consumers) will remember this type of event much better and will be more willing to buy it. Currently, all attractions taking place at the event are carefully planned so that they meet the requirements of a specific target group of customers.

Event – not only marketing, but also integration

A well-planned and executed event for companies can significantly increase brand recognition, but also mobilize a team of employees to work better and more efficiently. Currently, many companies record significant increases in sales of a specific product immediately after organizing the event. A large number of companies, immediately before the start of the event, commission a series of tests aimed at determining the needs of both employees and consumers in the best possible way.

A large part of events for companies takes place in an atmosphere of general relaxation, fun and a smile. It is therefore a great opportunity for employees of various levels in the company to get to know each other better. What’s more, in a large number of programs to be implemented during the event, they are designed to effectively raise morale and increase the feeling of belonging to the team of its individual members. Each of the events is organized in a safe and accessible way, so as to bring the company’s employees, but also a potential customer closer together.

As a rule, new products are targeted at more people. It is an opportunity to attract as many consumers as possible, but the quality of relations and communication is not as high as in the case of a product or company already well known on the market. If the event is targeted at a smaller number of recipients, the quality of communication in this case is drastically increased. At smaller events, the client is able to get more information about the brand or express more detailed comments.

A large proportion of employees are asked immediately after company events how they evaluate a given project? In many cases, it turned out that they were very satisfied, not only because of the internal team integration, but also the possibility of direct interaction with clients. Moreover, the vast majority of employees noticed that the events largely helped them identify with the company and its main assumptions.

Events as the future of marketing?

Nowadays, marketing departments are trying to outdo each other in reaching the consumer. However, they have been in agreement on one for many years. It is profitable to organize events because they are one of the cheaper and more effective forms of advertising and integration. The many advantages of this type of project include mainly:

      • Strengthening a given brand in consumer awareness
      • Great integration potential
      • Increasing the cash flow of a given product
      • Ease of reaching a large audience through social media

However, the popularity of events puts marketers in an increasingly difficult situation. A large number of companies noticed their potential, hence it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with an effective and interesting campaign. According to market researchers, over time, events can become real competition for advertising campaigns taking place on TV or radio. A short calculation of costs associated with the organization of events, however, guarantees that its organization is able to significantly affect sales.

Modern marketing will increasingly have to be based on creating a strong bond with the consumer. With a lot of cash from large concerns and corporations, small and medium-sized companies will try to build lasting relationships with the client. It has been known for a long time that the true success of a company and brand is built not on the quantity but on the quality of products and services.

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