Doradca finansowy Szczecin

Financial advisor Szczecin

Financial advisor Szczecin – the dynamic development of the financial sector in Poland means that there is an increasing demand for specialists in this field on the labor market. People who are interested in economics may choose to pursue a career as a financial advisor. It is an interesting and future-oriented profession that gives you the opportunity for self-development and high earnings.

Who is a financial advisor

In accordance with the European Union directive on financial intermediation, the primary task of a financial advisor is to protect the assets of his client. A person working in this profession, based on the analysis of needs, proposes the use of specific financial instruments that will enable the implementation of assumptions and goals. A written financial plan should be accepted by the client.

After affixing signatures by both parties, solutions are implemented in accordance with the adopted assumptions. It should be emphasized that the advisor is not responsible for the financial decisions made by the client. Currently, both financial advisors and financial intermediaries operate on the market. How do they differ from each other? The former operate independently and are not affiliated with any financial institutions. The latter are employed in financial institutions and receive remuneration from them.

Form of employment and earnings

Due to the fact that an independent credit advisor in Szczecin is not associated with any financial institution, he cannot count on a full-time job and employment contract. This form of employment is rare and usually concerns people employed in financial agencies. In this case, the advisor usually receives a low base and an additional commission for achieving goals and assumptions.

Independent financial advisors typically run a sole proprietorship regardless of whether they are self-employed or work with advisory agencies. How much can a financial advisor earn? The available statistical data show that the median earnings of people working in this profession is PLN 5,270 gross.

Every second advisor receives remuneration in the range from PLN 3,930 gross to PLN 7,440 gross. A quarter of people earn less than that and a quarter earn more than that. It is assumed that, compared to other more developed countries, there are few financial advisors in Poland. This means that it is a profession of the future and development.

Responsibilities of a financial advisor

The question is often asked, what exactly does a financial advisor do? It turns out that the range of activities performed by people working in this position is really wide. Professionals offer their clients comprehensive assistance regarding both saving and investing. A person cooperating with an advisor can count on support in concluding a loan agreement, investing savings, and securing a pension.

The above example shows that working in this profession requires extensive knowledge of finance and excellent knowledge of financial products. Thanks to this, the adviser is able to choose offers that best meet the needs and expectations of their client. Whether the cooperation with the client will be long-term depends largely on the professionalism of the activities carried out.

The best professionals quickly gain trust, which significantly facilitates their work. If someone would like to see how an experienced financial advisor works, Szczecin is a city worth going to. In the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, there are many professionals who will gladly provide detailed information about their profession.

Characteristics of an ideal advisor

Is becoming a financial advisor difficult? It turns out not. Virtually every person with secondary education can take up a job in the profession. Unfortunately, due to the small requirements, many advisors whose qualifications leave much to be desired have recently appeared on the market.

So what qualities should a good professional have? First of all, extensive knowledge of economics. Knowledge of market concepts and mechanisms significantly facilitates the search for the best products offered by financial institutions. In order to be able to maintain customer relations, one must also be distinguished by openness and honesty. A professional advisor is a communicative person who can explain the most important features of the offered products in a precise and simple way. It should be emphasized that the world of finance is very complicated, so not everyone wants to delve into its details.

In the modern world, conversations are increasingly conducted via electronic communication tools. Therefore, a professional advisor should have not only a car, but also a smartphone and a laptop that enable remote work. It should be emphasized that working as a financial advisor is not easy, but it can give a lot of satisfaction and above-average earnings. Educated and determined people who are distinguished by openness, good appearance, resistance to stress and high personal culture can count on success.

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