Brama garażowa segmentowa jak działa?

How does a sectional garage door work?

How does a sectional garage door work? When looking for a new entrance gate to the garage, most people pay attention to two construction solutions: roller shutter and sectional. In the first case, it is a convenient and compact option to be mounted in almost any opening. In the second, it requires a bit more explanation and understanding. And yet in Europe, in terms of the number of sales, these doors are at the forefront and have been for a long time.

The basic element of the garage – how to choose it?

Roller garage doors can be easily installed in any garage, even a small one with a low ceiling, regardless of the driveway. The gate leaf is rolled up into a roll, which is hidden in a compact box above the opening, not taking up space under the ceiling of the garage. Sectional garage doors require free space under the ceiling inside the garage for the horizontal rails. This is the only difference in the construction of these two types of garage doors. The blinds are rolled up and stored in a compact box.

Sectional doors rise along the guides to the ceiling. In addition to garage models, sectional industrial doors are also available in private homes. These models open vertically, so there is a lot of free space.

What to look for when choosing a sectional door model?

When choosing a sectional garage door, in addition to the price and appearance, you should pay attention to a number of parameters related to installation and operational safety. In this respect, these gates surpass all their competitors. Why is this type of gate the best choice? Thanks to many construction and design features as well as recognized practicality, sectional doors have become one of the most popular nowadays.

How does a sectional garage door work? This is a type of gates, the construction of which is represented by sections connected by hinges, they move on special guide rails that are attached to the edge of the opening and are installed under the ceiling of the garage. After opening the door, the segments one by one get under the ceiling of the room.

The interior of the garage door consists of panels placed one above the other. After opening the garage, they go to the ceiling, which saves space. The track of the sectional door is located inside the main garage opening. Thanks to this construction, the entry zone remains completely free when the leaf is open, and when the leaf is closed, the automatic gate becomes a reliable barrier against criminals.

Due to such design features, sectional industrial doors have become a frequent choice of entrepreneurs. Models with large glazing or only glass inserts are eagerly ordered.

Garage door sections

Steel walls of garage doors are insulated with polyurethane foam. Reliably protected against harmful weather influences thanks to the hot-dip galvanized material with a polyester coating. The door leaf also has excellent durable protection against mechanical influences.

Hot-dip galvanized material and high-adhesive polyester backing provide optimal protection. Sectional garage doors have excellent thermal insulation thanks to the perfectly designed internal structure of the segments.

The design of the gate section has several advantages:

      • Low weight
      • Sufficient strength
      • High coefficient of thermal insulation.

Automation for garage doors

Gate drives (automatic) are protected by a high-strength alkyd tape that lifts the gate (five times stronger than steel) and requires no maintenance. Thanks to this, the drive to the gate works quietly and trouble-free for many years of operation.

The design of the sectional door, firstly, saves space, and secondly, even a child can open the door, compensating its weight with torsion springs.

Automation is used for convenient operation of sectional garage doors. Thanks to the use of electric drives, the use of the gates is convenient and easy. In addition, sectional doors in combination with drives are characterized by high opening speed, which significantly saves time.

Modern automation means energy saving: in standby mode, they reduce its consumption to a minimum. While in the car, it is very convenient to open at the touch of a button, especially in windy and rainy weather, the gate drive is appreciated.

Double-skinned or non-skinned door?

          • Single-skinned garage doors are the best option, ideal for detached garages that do not require thermal insulation. A double-walled door with good thermal insulation is a good technical solution with a double wall and is recommended when the garage is directly adjacent to the house.
          • The double-skinned garage door provides optimal insulation. It is recommended if, for example, someone uses the garage as a workshop and wants to reduce heat loss and thus reduce the cost of heating the garage.

The tightness around the entire perimeter of the sectional garage door is also important. Durable, resilient and weatherproof seals, which are mounted externally on all four sides, resist the effects of wind and rain. The large profiled flange of the floor seal additionally compensates for minor irregularities.

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