How does website positioning work?

How does website positioning work? Nowadays, the Internet has taken us deeply. We do everything through it. We talk to people on the other side of the world, we work remotely, we shop, and we handle all formalities. Today, no one would survive without Internet access. However, let’s look at it from the other side, i.e. from the Internet. People who provide various types of services online must be noticed in order for their goods to sell, for their service to be selected. And what works best in such a situation? Undoubtedly, the positioning of pages is ideal then , i.e. solutions that are to increase our availability to interested customers.

If you want to explain as simply as possible what such positioning is, you should tell yourself one thing – this is adapting our website to specific keywords, otherwise known as phrases, which, when entered into the search engine, automatically connect to our website. The better positioned our website or store is, the higher it is in the search engine. For example, if our store sells silver jewelry, the phrases that will be related to it, for example, are: silver jewelry store, silver jewelry, silver earrings, silver rings and the like. By employing a given company that offers website positioning, she does everything in her power to ensure that after a potential customer enters this word in the search engine, the customer’s shop is as high as possible in Google, because, as you know, practically all of us pay attention only to the first few items on the list, while others do not. interested. Such action is not only an ideal form of promotion of a given website, but also increases the popularity of the website. If you want to earn money, want to develop your store, sell goods or provide certain services, you need to meet the customer, and this is possible only because we care about our image on the web and to be fully visible to the largest possible group. people.

What is website positioning ?

Simply put, it consists in preparing the page, i.e. optimization, as well as building the so-called “link popularity”, so that you can establish cooperation with advertising services. By focusing on website positioning , the cheapest and the most effective form of advertising is chosen, both for private individuals and companies. Of course, this is not a one-time process and you cannot expect any effects after the first day of cooperation with a SEO company. Such action is long-term and you have to wait for the results, which does not change the fact that the success in positioning primarily contributes to a greater number of potential customers or recipients on our website.

Which search engines are the leaders in Poland? Of course, Google is unquestionably number one, accounting for nearly 92.3% of the elections. 2.3% belongs to Onet, and 1.5% to WP.

Actions aimed at the appropriate positioning of the website

If we want to position the website in the right way, we must first of all focus on a good positioning company , on which the effect of work really depends. Such activities are numerous procedures related to the promotion of the website. What belongs to such actions? These are, among others, optimization of the website code for search engine web robots, promotion of the website through links from partner websites, creating articles about the company’s services, as well as optimization of the website content for various types of key phrases.

How do search engines work when it comes to positioning pages?

The search engine uses various methods of page rating, as well as appropriate algorithms that evaluate the indexed pages. How do I know if a site is popular? Based on the number of visits that take place within a certain period of time, including the time the internet user spends on a given website. One can come in and leave immediately, while the other spends a certain amount of time on it. For positioning pagesso it is influenced by many different factors and they should be fully considered in order to get the end result that we want. The more often a given page is visited by different users and the longer they stay on such page, the so-called popularity parameter will increase, and this in turn affects higher and higher positions in search results. And what is so-called link popularity in all of this? This is the factor that determines high ranking in search engines. It is determined by the number of links that lead to the page from other pages as well as the value of these links.

What do search engines pay attention to in positioning websites?

The most important things that search engines take into account are keyword frequency, keyword density and page code correctness.

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