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How much do wooden houses cost?

How much do wooden houses cost? Houses are not just brick and mortar – some are built differently. Frame houses have a certain romanticism to them; they conjure up a picture of the great American Midwest.

Moreover, the total cost of building a frame house is relatively reasonable. Becoming more and more popular every year, frame houses are a fantastic, energy-efficient alternative to traditional brick houses.

Frame houses are also very attractive to home builders due to the wide range of prefabricated options available. Being able to choose the layout, size and style of a new home is the ultimate goal for many homeowners. And frame houses fit this bill perfectly. With many made to order in the factory, you can expect a unique property tailored to your needs.

Whether it’s a steel or wood frame, costs depend on the size of the house, the difficulty of the job, the current cost of materials, and the contractor you hire. The cost of a wooden house oscillates around PLN 100,000 per 100 m2. A house made of glued timber will be much cheaper. Glued timber houses projects should be drawn up by professionals.

Self-construction of the structure – is it possible?

Building a house from scratch, even one with a wooden frame, is not a task for a beginner DIY enthusiast. Training and experience are necessary. Before deciding to do this project yourself, please read the following information. Measurements must be accurate and precise. It can be difficult to plan the layout of your home without the help of a professional. Consider engaging a timber framing specialist who may be able to help with foundation layout.

It is crucial that it must be carefully built to ensure the safety of the household members. You should not work with gas or electricity yourself for safety and legal reasons. Although a prefabricated frame house may be easier than building a house from scratch, it is still a very demanding project.

A professional can ensure compliance with building codes. If not done safely, you could cause personal injury and/or irreparable damage to your new home. Building wooden houses all year round is not easy, but it is certainly worth the end result.

Advantages of wooden structures

Timber frames are usually constructed using pine, but other types of dry, unseasoned wood may also be used. The reason for this is that wood with high levels of moisture tends to warp as moisture leaves its fibers.

Timber frames can be built on site or prefabricated. On-site, skilled carpenters measure, cut and assemble the timber, with the frames themselves being less expensive, but the costs associated with the increased labor time being higher.

Prefabricated frames are created in the factory with precision and speed, which increases the cost of the frame, but reduces the time and labor costs of finalizing assembly on site after transportation. Professionals should be hired to build wooden house structures.

It is important to hire a trustworthy company that can provide proof of qualifications, experience in building timber frame houses and references from previous clients. We recommend obtaining quotes from several different carpentry companies to be able to choose the most advantageous offer.

What to choose – steel or wood?

The cost of a steel frame is much higher than that of a wooden frame. Steel frames require special tools and materials, not to mention some contractors charge more just for metal work as it is not as widely used. On the other hand, the creation of a wooden skeleton is associated with much lower costs.

Steel frames typically have lower insurance charges in certain areas. However, steel frames are exposed to harmful rust. Timber frames make it easy to modify your home, but you also have to worry about weather damage, pests, mold, warping, and rotting. HBE houses have recently become extremely popular. HBE technology provides many innovative solutions.

What affects the cost of building a house?

The larger your new frame house is, the higher the costs. For example, a four-bedroom house will be more expensive than a two-bedroom house. In addition to the timber frame, you will need to carefully select the materials for the rest of the house. Different materials have different price points. Each style of home will have its own costs. Choosing the exact layout of your new home is exciting, but it can make or break the cost of a frame house. Installation of water, gas and electricity also incur additional costs. You will need to budget for things like insulation, kitchen appliances, and bathrooms.

Don’t forget to consider finishing touches such as flooring, painting, lighting, and more. Where large window and door openings are required, it will be necessary to install a steel structure element. A competent timber framing contractor should be able to arrange this, but keep this in mind when planning your project and budgeting. Building wooden houses is a huge undertaking that requires good preparation.

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