Jak wybrać dobre bongo?

How to choose a good bong?

How to choose a good bong? We decided to buy our first barrel, but when visiting a bongo store, it turned out that the choice does not end with the different colors of the tool. Over the years, the technology has improved and we can choose not only classic glass bongs, but also metal, wooden, ceramic and acrylic ones. Each of them has its pros and cons, and there are so many opinions as many users. It is best to get acquainted with each type and, based on your own preferences, determine what depends on us the most.

Types of bongs

The basic division of hookahs is based on their origin. Shisha was popular in the Middle East and is associated with the pleasant aroma of Turkish clubs or Arabian fairy tales. Bongo was found by archaeologists most often in Central Asia. A famous admirer of pipes was Empress Cixi, who was buried with them. Returning, however, to modern pipes, which are offered by the bongo shop, the selection is made mainly on the basis of the material. Glass bong it is the most delicate of all – it is enough for it to fall off the table and it crashes into tiny pieces. However, none of the available pipes will delight you with such a deep and natural taste of dried fruit. Glass does not react with the insert, therefore the smoke coming out of the vessel has all the qualities of a burnt product. Another advantage of glass is that it is easier to clean. All you need is a dishwasher tablet or alcohol with a handful of coarse salt and you can get rid of the dirt. It is worth knowing that it is glass products that can be found in fanciful shapes and colors. Choosing one of the artistic ones, we are sure that everyone who sees it will not be able to get out of delight.

Acrylic bong is seemingly the best choice, especially for beginners. It is very difficult to break them, you can put them in your bag without fear and take them with you on a trip. In addition,
acrylic is the cheapest material available and bong stores sell it for literally pennies. Unfortunately, a pipe made of this material is rather disposable. It is difficult to clean,
because contact with boiling water or stronger chemicals can dissolve or deform the plastic. Most people use it until it is completely dirty and throw it away. If we smoke in a group, one session is enough to use it.

One of the most interesting inventions is a silicone bong. Usually small and pocket-sized, designed to be taken with you to a festival or a longer trip with friends, i.e. wherever the weight and size of luggage are of great importance. Like the acrylic pipe , it is indestructible. We do not have to worry about its harmful effect on health, because the materials are certified and do not contain any volatile toxins. The biggest disadvantage is one-time use. When dirty, it cannot be cleaned well. Metal bongs are also difficult to destroy and have an advantage over silicone or acrylic
– they are easy to clean. Unfortunately, dried metal drought changes the taste and connoisseurs may not be able to force yourself to use this variant frequently. For the same reason it is not
recommended for beginners, it makes no sense to get to know the distorted taste. It know that metal pipes can be purchased in a bongo store as a keychain and carried with you just in case.
The most original choice is a bong made of wood. As you might expect, this type of pipe will not be easy to clean. In order not to damage the natural material, it can only be cleaned with a pipe cleaner. Water and a mild detergent may work, but each use changes the structure of the wood. The big advantage of a wooden bong is that it gives extra flavor to the roasted dried fruit. If we value earthy and spicy notes, it will hit the spot.

We select the appropriate parameters of the equipment

It is important to know that not only the material has a great influence on the use of the bong. You need to take into account the shape, size, length and type of the mouthpiece. The temperature and purity of the smoke depend on the length of the barrel, the longer it is, the better it is filtered and cooler. Choose a bowl based on the amount of dried herbs. If we burn only from time to time, the largest one is unlikely to be of use to us. The mouthpiece is very important because it determines how intense one will be
a puff, the bigger it is, the more smoke will pass through it. The convenience of use is also important here. Clutch, i.e. a small hole located somewhere at the base of the chamber, but above the water level. Its task is to be able to take a drag from the bowl so that the drought can catch fire. We can freely draw the resulting smoke only when we unclip the clutch. Only by combining all these parts of the puzzle together, we can achieve a satisfactory effect. If we still feel lost, it is worth visiting a professional bongo store, the employees will certainly allow us to look at the differences live. Thanks to the visits, we will also make sure which material suits us best. This is an important decision because it determines how long the purchased bong will last.