Jak ciekawie i praktycznie udekorować stół na imprezę?

How to decorate the table for a party in an interesting and practical way?

How to decorate the table for a party in an interesting and practical way? Organizing a party in your own apartment is a real challenge. We have to remember about many things, including catering and appropriate decorations. Decorating the table can be problematic. How to decorate a table in an interesting and practical way? we answer.

What too much is not healthy

Minimalism has been in vogue for some time now. This also applies to decorating the table for the party. Remember not to overdo it with the number of decorations that we put on it. Although each of them looks beautiful individually, together they can create a rather unsightly whole. We have to approach the task of decorating the table. The priority is to put on them all the dishes and tableware necessary during the reception.

Let’s start with the arrangement of plates and cutlery. Then, place all the dishes on the table that are to be placed on it during the event. So let’s not forget about jugs with drinks and any plates or bowls in which we will put food. The worst thing we can do is to stuff dishes and glasses on the table during the party.

If we set everything up beforehand, we’ll see how much space we really have left for decorations. Let’s choose them wisely so that our table is not overfilled with decorations.

What to put on the table?

Table decoration should be closely related to the occasion for which the party is held. So if we are organizing a birthday, we can put flowers on the table. A decoration made of sweets works just as well – a plate of cupcakes, candies or cake pops. In no case can we forget about napkins – cutlery should lie on them. Of course, we choose napkins for a given occasion.

If we organize Communion, they should be in white. If we are having a birthday party, we can bet on colorful napkins. Napkins in themselves can be a very interesting decoration. You just need to put them in the right way. This trick is very often used by restaurants or wedding houses. They roll up the napkins, making them an original decoration. First of all, it is cheap and easy to prepare.

When decorating the table, we must not forget about the tablecloth. Some deliberately give it up – after all, tablecloths are not in fashion now. Nevertheless, it is good to put it on the table for practical reasons. First of all, no elegant party can do without a tablecloth. We must remember about it when organizing holidays, weddings or communions. Moreover, it is a very practical accessory. Any dirt on the tablecloth is relatively easy to remove.

Cleaning the table can be a bit more difficult. In addition, the tablecloth can be a decoration in itself. Let’s choose according to the occasion. A tablecloth in white, cream or dark colors will always work if we have bright tableware. For a children’s party, we can choose a tablecloth with your favorite fairy-tale characters.

Flowers – yes or no?

There is a lot of controversy about putting flowers on the table. For events that take place indoors, we usually have no problem. We can safely put flowers in a vase on the table. Nevertheless, let’s make sure that the vases are tall. Otherwise, the bouquets will prevent guests from seeing who is sitting across from them. Organizing an outdoor party, for example in the garden, can be a problem.

We are especially happy to organize outdoor events in spring and summer. Then we are dealing with a real flood of flowers, so it is tempting to put them on the table. However, this will not always be a good idea. Remember that flowers attract all kinds of insects, including bees and wasps. Eating a meal in their company is nothing pleasant. Therefore, if you absolutely want to put flowers on the table, let’s put on artificial bouquets.

Currently, we can buy very good quality artificial flowers that look like real ones. However, they do not imitate a floral scent, so they will not attract insects. Meanwhile, real flowers can be placed on the table next to it – there they will not disturb anyone.

DIY ornaments

Numerous stores tempt us with articles with which we can decorate our table for a party. Nevertheless, their price often knocks you off your feet. It turns out that we can make table decorations on our own. On the Internet, we will find plenty of inspiration for decorating the table at a low cost. For example, we can make beautiful candlesticks from a candle and flower petals. Perfect decorations can also be made of fruit or leaves, especially in autumn.

Contrary to appearances, making your own ornaments does not take much time. It also does not require great artistic skills. However, it allows you to save a lot and always greet guests with an originally decorated table. Remember that the decorations should be consistent with what is on the table and with the theme of the party. If we focus on minimalism, one or two small decorations are really enough to make the table look beautiful.

If we do not have an idea for a table decoration, we can always look for inspiration on the Internet, for example on lifestyle blogs.

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