Jak zrobić drzewo kute

How to make a forged tree?

How to make a forged tree? Do you want to slightly diversify the look of your garden or terrace? Do you have some changes planned, but you have no idea where to start? Well, if your goal is not to completely renovate or to convince the plot of land, perhaps we know a method you may like. Of course, we are talking about forged furniture and decorations, which are a great addition to almost any style. Until a few years ago, many people had forged ornaments in their garden or home. Today, this trend is much less popular, however, some beautiful works are still worth paying attention to. Forged ornaments because they are a perfect example of how fashion can evolve.

If you remember the benches and the characteristic sculptures that you may have noticed on your parents ‘or grandparents’ plot, you will surely be surprised to learn that nowadays forged works take various forms that even match a completely modernist style. So if you want to learn more, we encourage you to read on, because we have prepared a short guide especially for you, from which you will learn what wrought-iron decorations are and, above all, how to make a wrought-iron tree yourself.

How to make a forged treeWhat are wrought iron decorations?

Well, wrought iron decorations are nothing more than objects made of metal, which are intended to decorate a house, garden or terrace, and sometimes also have a practical function. A perfect example of the fact that wrought iron decorations can also be a practical function can be a decorative flowerbed, a stand for books or newspapers, or a traditional bench with a decorative handrail. Interestingly, the vast majority of these types of items require manual production. This is why decorations and forged furniture are so individual. Few people realize that making one item to order can take a professional up to several weeks. The waiting time is primarily due to the need to properly prepare.

The preparation we mentioned includes, among others:

– ordering the right material,

– preparing the project,

– layout of work rules (some works cannot be performed simultaneously when creating an order, e.g. painting the structure requires several hours of drying),

– providing appropriate tools that may be necessary during the work.

How wrought iron ornaments have changed over the years

As you can see, proper preparation for work is essential, but do not think that when you do it, everything is done. On the contrary, real work lies ahead of you. At the beginning of this text, we said that forged ornaments have evolved a lot. This is a fact that is hard to disagree with. Currently, forged ornaments that can be bought or ordered are extremely different. They can be easily adapted to the chosen style. If you are a fan of forged ornaments, but you are concerned that such things will not suit your modern apartment, we have another great news for you. Well, sometimes seemingly incompatible items can turn out to be a perfect combination. Forged furniture and sculptures are a perfect addition to rooms decorated in a loft and modernist style.Characteristic metal inserts will perfectly break modern elements.

Where can you get wrought iron ornaments?

Now that you have learned about the advantages of forged furniture and decorations, you are surely wondering where you can find such elements. Well, these types of items are worth looking for in DIY stores, shops with garden supplies and, above all, in private studios. The best solution, of course, will be to support local enterprises, that is, to purchase or commission the product of a given item by a qualified person who deals with this type of matter, i.e. a blacksmith. You can also try to create decorations or forged garden furniture on your own .

How to make a forged tree yourself?

If you have decided to try to build forged ornaments yourself, we have some tips for you, thanks to which your work will go quickly and relatively efficiently. Are you ready?First of all, make sure you can build a forged tree. Start by figuring out the size of the tree you want to create. If you are concerned that working alone is not for you, take care of a helper (remember that it may be your friend or even a family member). The second element is the execution of a detailed design. Without a project or at least an outline of what you want to create, your work may fail. Once your project is ready, it’s time to order the materials and tools you need. Also remember to take care of the varnish and any paint for metal. When you’re ready, it’s time to get down to work. A metal tree is a real challenge (especially when it comes to its crown). When making branches, make sure each piece is welded securely.When welding, pay attention to safety considerations such as wearing gloves and protective glasses.