Jak zrobić buty do cosplayu, czyli kilka podstawowych wskazówek

How to make cosplay shoes, i.e. a few basic tips

How to make cosplay shoes, i.e. a few basic tips: Cosplay is an interesting combination of fun and art. Depending on your level of advancement, you can tilt the scales towards one of the sides. But what is cosplay? In Poland it is not yet as popular as in some Western countries. It is simply a costume playing game. What principles guide it? First of all, you have to be as similar as possible to the character you are reproducing. What does it mean to become as similar as possible? Which categories are affected? Generally speaking, it can be said to be all, but in fact there are some differences.

The basis is to reproduce the appearance of the character, which comes down to the outfit, hairstyle (most often thanks to a wig, i.e. a wig) or makeup. Of course, there are no strict rules and if someone has, for example, only clothes, we cannot say that it is not cosplay.Secondly, there are no very specific rules for this game. Sometimes mapping even concerns the issue of behavior, which comes down to the application of acting skills. As part of this article, we will focus primarily on the issue of manufacturing one of the elements. It is not easy and causes many difficulties, and it is shoes.

How to start your adventure with cosplay?

To begin with, we need to equip ourselves with some minimal knowledge, and also make purchases. The latter issue also requires deep thought, because we don’t want to go to the store every time we lack double-sided tape or some other frequently needed item. So we have to carefully analyze the character we want to reproduce. People who want to do this for more than one project will have an easier time collecting materials. An interesting way is to enrich your assortment by visiting second-hand clothing stores. The shop with cosplay accessories will allow you to supplement the most typical and most frequently used elements.

How to make cosplay shoes, i.e. a few basic tipsShoes for cosplay, i.e. search first

We should note that the shoes are one of the most difficult elements to reproduce in cosplay. This is because less tailoring skills are required for clothes. At the same time, there is less chance of damaging the product and it is also easier to handle. For this reason, when choosing the reproduced character, it is worth paying attention to her shoes and whether we will be able to deal with them. Of course, we don’t have to reflect every element, unless we want to win the competition or it’s just our ambition. Before we even start trying to produce an element, let’s look for whether we will be able to buy it. Of course, this should be calculated with the price, because this can be problematic in some interesting variants of footwear. We can consider placing an order in China,but then the purchase should be made in advance.

How to create cosplay shoes?

Sometimes, however, we do not have the option to make a purchase and we have to deal with this topic ourselves. We will definitely need a good base. Most often it will be old shoes that are already unsticked and should go to the trash, but they will be a great product for cosplay. The simplest option is, of course, sticking with cardboard. Different colors can be easily obtained in this way. Additionally, you can then make additional decorations. However, there are much more interesting methods. Cosplay foamgre

at for shoe remodeling. With the help of this lightweight synthetic material, the required shape can be easily achieved. At the same time, it is lightweight, and there are many guides on the Internet on how to use this product. The wetsuit is a professional cosplay solution and allows you to obtain an interesting effect relatively easily.

We must take care of the aesthetics so that there are no unnecessary folds at the seams. Sometimes we will also have to help with other elements. We can achieve a thick sole with a piece of wood. It may not be very practical, but it may be effective for the event. The fastening itself, however, must be carried out very gently. Additionally, if we want to get the right shape, we most often have to use power tools. Let’s not do thisif we have never used them. A hand saw for wood is easier to cut unevenly and the effect may be unsatisfactory.

Summary, or how to deal with the problem of cosplay shoes?

Shoes are a critical element of cosplay as they are more difficult to work with than outfits. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to find the right pair and make purchases. Many characters, however, have quite non-standard footwear and then this option is not available. The easiest way then is to remake some old pair. The easiest way to do this is with a texture, but the result can often be unsatisfactory. The advantage is the simplicity of implementation. A much better and more professional solution is to use a special cosplay foam. We can easily shape it, and at the same time it will stick better than cardboard. Heels are a difficult element that we can handle with some hard material. It may be wood, although it is a troublesome solution, but it can lead to success. Finally, it is worth adding that we should try and develop our skills in this way. Usually, it doesn’t work perfectly right away. It is also worth spending some time looking for a method.