Jak otworzyć mały warsztat samochodowy

How to open a small car repair shop

How to open a small car workshop – in Poland many people have a car mechanic education. Most of these people work for large chains of garages or for individual entrepreneurs. Many of these people would like to set up their own thriving and good car repair shop, but unfortunately not everyone knows how to do it and what is most important when starting this type of business. Let’s look at this topic.

What does running your own business look like?

First of all, we should pay attention to the fact that if we want to start our own business, we must be convinced that it is really something for us. There is such a widespread belief that if we have our own business, we will earn a lot of money, and at the same time we will be able to work less.

The reality, however, is somewhat different. Yes, the money we earn can be much better than what the boss in the car repair shop will pay us, if we were able to open a small network of car repair shops, it would even be very large, but we will also have a lot more work to do.

We must remember that running your own business is not only about repairing cars. When we are entrepreneurs, we also have to take care of accounting and settle employees, and think about business in the context of its development. Therefore, if we want to start our own business, apart from the fact that we should be able to repair cars and have a lot of knowledge, we should also want to be entrepreneurs, because it obviously involves many sacrifices and hard work.

Raising funds to start a business

If we are really convinced that we want to run our own car workshop, then we should of course first get the funds to be able to set it up. In these considerations, we will describe setting up a small car workshop and it is worth remembering that even a small workshop is a big responsibility. Many people have savings intended for this purpose, but they are certainly not savings, and certainly not always in such an amount that they can allow us to fully equip the workshop and rent workshop space.

First of all, we should check whether we have the opportunity to obtain various types of non-repayable subsidies, for example from the European Union or from the Ministry of Development. Very often it happens that if we meet the appropriate conditions, we can actually get this type of subsidy. This is really a very beneficial thing.

If we do not get such subsidies or they are not sufficient, all we have to do is visit the bank and take an investment loan. However, there is one more thing related to such a loan.

When we want to take an investment loan, the bank will probably want to receive a business plan for our business from us. In principle, we can only dream of any loan if we do not have a business plan or if it is poor.

It is best if we write such a business plan with a person who knows about this issue, because thanks to this, it will be professionally written, which will make a good first impression. It will show that we approach the subject seriously and professionally, so we are definitely a credible person when it comes to granting a loan.

What will we fix?

Of course, when we do not have an established business yet, only when we write a business plan, we have to decide what kind of business we will actually run at the beginning. Mechanical workshops are different, some change oil and change shock absorbers, and some deal with comprehensive services.

Each of these options has its pros and cons, and it would be good to decide at the very beginning which direction we would like to go in the beginning, because if our business works out and we start to develop, we can of course systematically expand the range of our offer in order to to get as many customers as possible.

The location of the car workshop

The location of the car workshop can also be quite important, especially if we have a lot of competition in the area. Of course, it is worth mentioning that if we have such an opportunity, it would be best to set up a workshop in a place where there is little or no competition. Even if we had to drive a bit from our home to our workshop.

So it would be good to do some kind of research. If we find a location where there is only one car repair shop or no car repair shop at all, then if we set up a car repair shop in such an area, 90% chance we will have a lot of customers, and over time, if we repair cars well, the number of these customers will only increase.

Thanks to this, we will definitely be able to keep them. What’s more, if we do not have competition, we will be able to charge a little more for the repair. The difference of 10% is not so prohibitive that customers decide to drive the car several kilometers further.

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