Lakiery hybrydowe - co warto o nich wiedzieć?

Hybrid varnishes – what is worth knowing about them?

Hybrid varnishes have gained enormous popularity in recent years. Many women who once decided to use a hybrid manicure have never returned to painting their nails with ordinary varnishes, the durability of which leaves much to be desired . Why is it worth using hybrid varnishes? What is worth knowing about a manicure with their use? We answer these and other questions in this article.

What are hybrid varnishes?

Hybrid varnishes are used for nail styling, just like regular and gel varnishes. Hybrid manicure can be best described by a combination of ordinary nail polish with gel nail polish. More specifically, hybrid varnishes resemble ordinary varnish, but their properties are more similar to gel because, despite their liquid consistency, they do not freeze on the nails. In order to fix the hybrid manicure and extend its durability, place the nails painted with the hybrid under the LED or UV lamp. So what makes hybrid varnishes not gels? An important difference between a hybrid and a gel is the fact that hybrid varnishes can be removed with acetone, while the gel should be filed.


How to perform a hybrid manicure?

In order to perform a hybrid manicure, first of all, the nail plates should be properly prepared. To do this, you first need to shape them with a file, preferably glass or paper. Then remove the cuticles and matt the nails with a polishing block. The next stage of plate preparation is degreasing the nail with a cleaner. When the plate is ready, you can start applying the products. First apply the base, then the hybrid varnish in the shade of your choice, twice. The whole thing should be fixed with a top coat. However, it should be remembered that each layer should be thin and cured under a LED or UV lamp. The fixation time under the lamp depends on the pigmentation, as well as the lamp power and its model.

Hybrid varnishes – advantages

Hybrid varnishes have more advantages compared to regular varnish and gel varnish. The greatest benefit related to the use of hybrid varnishes is their durability. Hybrid-coated nails are perfect for up to three weeks. Moreover, unlike ordinary varnish. the hybrid does not chip off. In addition, the hybrid manicure is distinguished by an amazing shine. Hybrid varnishes are available in many color variants and it is possible to make various patterns on them depending on your preferences. Many women appreciate hybrid manicure because they can have beautiful, long and unbreakable nails.

Step by step removal of hybrid varnish

Removing hybrid varnish could seem like a complicated procedure, taking into account its exceptional durability. Nothing could be more wrong. To get rid of the hybrid manicure, first matt the top layer with a polishing pad, thanks to which it will be easier to carry out the entire procedure of removing the hybrid. After completing this step, use acetone or nail polish remover with its addition to soak a special foil for removing hybrid varnish and wrap the nails with them. After a few to several minutes, remove the manicure with a wooden stick  . After completing this procedure, remember to apply a caring oil to the nail plate.

Formula and composition of hybrid varnishes

The consistency of the hybrid varnish resembles a gel – it is neither too thin nor too thick. Thanks to this, applying the hybrid does not cause streaks and stains. In addition, the very application of hybrid varnish is extremely comfortable and allows the product to be applied evenly without flooding the cuticles.

When it comes to the composition of hybrid varnishes, it is primarily dependent on a given manufacturer. Standard hybrids as well as MONO varnishes are available on the market. MONO varnishes are innovative products, because for their use it is not necessary to apply a base and fix them with a top coat. In order to be able to enjoy the manicure, it is enough to apply two layers of such varnish. The 3 in 1 formula lasts from one to even two weeks.

Where to perform a hybrid manicure?

A hybrid manicure for many people can be very simple to do at home – it is not complicated, you only need to follow a few steps and get the necessary products and a LED or UV lamp. However, if we care about professional performance and a lasting effect, it is worth entrusting ourselves to a professional beautician. People who have problems with evenly distributing ordinary varnish over the nail plate, as well as struggling with frequent pouring of varnish on the cuticles, the best solution will be to go for a hybrid manicure in a beauty salon. If, on the other hand, an ordinary manicure does not cause you any difficulties, then the application of hybrid varnish will certainly be successful. However, it should be remembered that when applying hybrids at home, and not at a professional should have high-quality products and a decent lamp so that the effect is worth the work.