Implanty Szczecin

Implanty Szczecin

Implants Szczecin

Implants Szczecin – a beautiful and well-groomed smile is probably every person’s dream. Unfortunately, sometimes as a result of diseases or injuries, teeth can be lost. To be able to restore a beautiful smile, it is worth opting for dental implants. In this article, we present what types of implants are fitted by dentists and why it is worth visiting a dental office in Szczecin. We encourage you to read this text.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a structure that allows you to recreate a tooth that has been lost due to disease or injury. The implant itself is a screw that is implanted in the place where the tooth root was previously. A prosthetic crown is mounted on such a screw, which is color-matched to the rest of the teeth so that it does not stand out.

Nowadays, dentistry is very developed. It allows the use of implants and crowns that are made of different materials. Choosing the right implant depends on many factors. The type of implants chosen by the dentist is influenced primarily by: the anatomical structure of the bones, the financial capabilities of the treated person, aesthetic requirements and the structure of the teeth.

The dental office in Szczecin offers implants in the case of single cavities, a few teeth and complete toothlessness. Dental implants are installed by experienced dentists, and the whole procedure is painless and takes place in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Types of dental implants

There are different types of dental implants. The choice of a dental implant depends on the patient, the type is always selected by the doctor after prior consultation. The most well-known type of dental implant are implants made of titanium. Titanium is a material that can be used for a long period of time.

According to some people, titanium implants are not aesthetic and there is a risk of lowering the gum line, and then titanium implants may become visible.

Another type of implants are zirconia implants . Such will certainly satisfy people who care about greater aesthetics, because zirconia implants resemble natural tooth tissue in color and are more resistant to abrasion. The biggest advantage of zirconia implants is the fact that they connect very well with bone tissue and do not react to temperature fluctuations.

They also do not change the taste of food and are completely safe. In addition, such implants can be used by anyone – they do not cause allergies and do not interact in the case of chronic diseases.

When it comes to implants, Szczecin is a city where there are many professional dental offices that provide dental implant services.

Two-phase and one-phase dental implants

Dental implants are also divided into two-phase and single-phase. In the classic method of installing implants, there are two phases. First, a screw is placed to replace the root in the bone. Then, the process of fusion of the implant with the surrounding tissues is expected to be completed. The next step is to attach the prosthetic crown to the implant.

The installation of single-phase implants is a quick procedure and facilitates the installation of the implant with the superstructure during a single visit.

However, not everyone can undergo such a procedure, because for the installation of a single-phase implant it is necessary to have a good oral cavity condition.

If you do not know which implants to choose and where to put them, Szczecin is a city where you will find many specialists who will check which type of implants will be best for you.

Dental implants – the best method of tooth reconstruction?

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for dental implants instead of artificial dentures, even in a situation where all teeth have been lost. In the case of dental implants, it is not necessary, for example, to grind healthy teeth, as is the case when installing bridges, i.e. crowns, and hanging artificial teeth between them.

Dental implants replace the previously used methods of restoring missing teeth. Implants imitate teeth, are aesthetic and hard to distinguish from ordinary teeth. They are a very good support for the tissues of the cheeks and lips. Implants do not hinder speech, which is very common in patients wearing prostheses.

Dental implants give a great sense of comfort and are not a reason to be ashamed. The modern technologies used today are being improved every year, and the materials used for tooth reconstruction are getting better and better. Dental implants allow you to feel at ease.

Methods used in dentistry allow you to get a beautiful smile. You no longer have to be afraid of visiting the dentist and afraid of falling out dentures in the company of your friends. Implants are a safe and well-known way to replace missing teeth, which not only deteriorate the appearance, but can also lead to various health problems and problems with chewing food.

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