Aranżacja wnętrza i wybory na lata..

Interior arrangement and choices for years …

Interior arrangement and choices for years … Arranging an apartment usually requires leaning towards many decisions and choices. It is worth learning that the most important thing in all this, however, is a good idea of ​​the color of the walls and maintaining the functionality of the rooms. It has already been proven years ago that the color of the walls affects our psyche, how we function and what our mood is. Sometimes a great solution to the lack of a concept for an empty wall are wall wallpapers. Of course, let’s choose them so that its message coincides with our character and what we want to achieve. Dynamics? Calm? harmony? It depends on you. Trust your intuition and choose a solution that will stay with you for years. A well-designed space can be recognized by the fact that it is simple and legible.

There is no rule or formula that applies to a well-designed interior. If we want to change something, we must first of all make us feel good in a given interior. . It is important that we find inspiration if we decide on wall murals- it can be an interesting photo that refers to nature, but an equally good solution would be to use something called abstraction in art. We can then give vent to our preferences and tastes by choosing our favorite shapes and colors, which may become the beginning of our stylistic concept. It is also worth remembering to keep a healthy moderation, too much exaggeration with additives and colors can cause the opposite effect, and hence? It is known: in such an interior we will not feel well. Research shows that when the interior is saturated, we feel nervous, we cannot focus and we have difficulty sleeping. It’s amazing how an overall interior design can affect your well-being and mental health. As the proverb says – not pretty, which is pretty, but what pleases.

Well-being and the interior.

According to the principle “show me your home and I will tell you who you are”. The décor reminds that the house is to be, above all, an oasis, a place where you willingly come back after the hardships of the day and relax, gathering strength for the next day. For this reason, minimalist interiors are being abandoned in favor of warm, cozy arrangements, which can be seen, among others. thanks to what wall wallpapers offer. Modern, cool rooms will give way to climatic, homely interiors, where you will feel cozy and safe like in a family home. Beautiful views on the wall, soft sofas and armchairs will work great. In the coming season, you should move away from bright, perfectly groomed interiors for everything that brings to mind nature and a return to the roots. We should definitely go for these extraordinary solutions, but you have to remember to choose the right decorations in accordance with your style and nature.

It is worth looking for companies that flexibly adapt to each client, thanks to such places the house will gain character and claw. Guests will surely appreciate such solutions as well.

An interesting fact is that the style of the apartment is a reflection of the owner’s character. Well … Tomek’s freedom in his house. No matter what we choose, it is important that it is compatible with us.

The return of the 90s?

Probably not one of us remembers the trend of the 90s – wall murals with waterfalls, dogs, cats, forest and other quirks. For many years to come, they were a symbol to us, to put it mildly, of ugliness, and neither of us imagined ever again the usual smooth walls and simple minimalism. And yet – for several years now, wallpapers have come back again and with a huge bang!

Over the years, they have undergone a huge metamorphosis – we will no longer find crap pictures with bad contrast, but rather beautiful textures in a wide resolution of landscapes or animals, original geometric patterns or graphics. We can even put our own picture on the wall! Doesn’t that sound appealing?

They look fabulous everywhere – in the bedroom, living room, children’s room, patio and even in the bathroom. It can be perfect as an optical enlargement of space in small rooms and bathrooms. A great idea for men will be to “pimp up” the garage with wallpaper.

You can already see with your imagination what it looks like, thanks to this treatment you will get a unique style. Nobody will have an interior like you.

It is worth departing from traditional naked walls to vent your fantasies. If you prefer a minimalist approach, but we constantly think about whether to go crazy and invest in this facility, it is worth noting that the wallpaper does not have to cover the entire surface of the wall. We can successfully use it to fill a narrow space in the kitchen, between the countertop and cabinets, or as a single strip adding variety to smooth walls in the bathroom. We are limited only by our own imagination!

Such accessories will certainly stimulate the imagination and inspire with its majesty. If we want to change the apartment, at least to a small extent, it is worth investing in a wall mural that will bring a kind of atmosphere to our interior.

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