Rozmiar biżuterii – na co zwrócić uwagę?

Jewelry size – what to look for?

Jewelry size – what to look for? Even in the most beautiful jewelry, we will not feel well if it is not of the right size. A ring that is too large will slide off the finger, a bracelet that is too small will be uncomfortable and cumbersome, and a long necklace that does not fit the neckline will lose its charm. Jewelry should emphasize and complement our stylization and be comfortable. Wearing it is not a punishment.

For many people, choosing the right size of jewelry is a problem in a stationary jewelry store, let alone if we want to do shopping in the online store  or jewelry is not for us, but we buy it for someone else. For your own convenience, it is worth learning how to choose the right size of jewelry. It will save us a lot of time and disappointment later, when it turns out that we have chosen wrong.

Classic ring

Choosing the right ring size is the most common problem and has the most serious consequences. While in the case of other types of jewelry it is much easier to eliminate the mistake, in the case of rings it is very difficult or practically impossible. Therefore, it is better to check the dimensions carefully before making a purchase in a jewelry store.

Most of the classic rings offered in jewelry stores are made on the basis of Polish jewelry sizes. It is different if a given store offers jewelery imported from other countries. Some of them have completely different sizes and different markings. Therefore, you should always measure your ring carefully before buying or go to the store and use a professional measuring device. We can also take the ring we already have with us and on its basis determine the size of the new one.

If we are not able to choose the size on the spot, in the store, we can also do it at home. To do this, measure the diameter of the ring that we already have and choose the size from the table on the basis of which should be on the website of each jewelry store. If we do not have a ring that would fit the finger for which we want to buy a new ornament, we can use a thread to measure the circumference of a given finger, and then measure the length of the thread on the ruler. Size charts in jewelry stores should also include the inner circumference of the ring. When measuring, do not squeeze the thread too tightly. The ring should not be too tight. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to see that a ring is tight. Sometimes, only after a few hours of wearing it, we will feel discomfort. That’s why choosing the right size is so important. It’s also worth remembering not to measure your fingers on hot days as they may be swollen. We can then accidentally buy a ring that is too large, which will start to slip.


When choosing a bracelet , many people are mainly guided by their length, and this is a mistake. In some models the diameter is also important. For flat and thin bracelets, measuring the circumference of the wrist should be sufficient. On the other hand, in the case of bracelets, large, stiff or made of large pearls or beads, the diameter is more important. This makes it easier to choose the right amount of play.

When choosing a bracelet size, it is usually said that there should be around 1.5 – 2 cm of play. Thanks to this, the bracelet will move freely on the wrist. However, some people prefer less freedom of movement for the bracelet. For such people, 1 cm of play is enough. Rather, you should not buy a bracelet with a circumference the same or smaller than that of your wrist. Sure, such bracelets can be worn, but after a few hours they will become quite cumbersome.

It is worth remembering that the circumference of one wrist does not have to match the circumference of the other, so if you are planning to buy a new bracelet for the other hand, you should also measure the other wrist. Perhaps the difference will be small, but if we like bracelets close to the body, a dozen or so millimeters can change a lot.


The size of the chain should match the necklines of the blouses we wear. The pendant that will be on the chain should not be too low and “fall” into the neckline. The best choice is to purchase several chains of different lengths to suit the different types of necklines we wear.

In each store, the chains have a given length in centimeters. To choose the best one for you, it’s best to stand in front of the mirror and test different lengths, e.g. with a string. It should be remembered that the chain will also have a pendant (the average pendant measures 3-6 cm). Its length should have been counted. Standard chain sizes are 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and so on. It is worth checking whether the lengths include the clasp or not and whether the clasp is adjustable. Thanks to the adjustment, the chain will be more universal. Some jewelry stores offer options to shorten the chain and adapt it to the individual needs of the customer.