Sukienki koronkowe – dla kogo?

Sukienki koronkowe – dla kogo?

Lace dresses – for whom?

Lace dresses – for whom? Women love lace. They are light, delicate and add charm. Lace dresses are beautiful and stylish. Do you think your figure is not suitable? Nothing could be more wrong. It all depends not on the pattern of the dress, but on its cut and matching to the type of figure you have. Before, therefore, we give up the wonderful, openwork patterns on our spring-summer wardrobe, let’s analyze our type of figure and match it with a lace dress.

What lace dress?

The apple type, i.e. larger bust, relatively wide shoulders and a poorly marked waist is a field for lace dresses like a ball. Loose top, ruffled and proportionally widened towards the bottom, revealing the entire legs, usually long and shapely, in the case of this figure, it beautifully shows all the qualities of the figure and masks minor imperfections. They are – a protruding belly, lack of a waist outline or not very round buttocks. The Christmas ornament has become fashionable in a few seasons, it makes legs slimmer and looks gorgeous in combination with high heels. Lace sewing gives the cut delicacy and elegance. The tuba type, i.e. a simple, very slim, sometimes boyish figure, with narrow hips, shoulders and a small breasts. Owners of this figure can confidently opt for lace dresses. It allows them to be placed on the dress along its entire length. In the case of the tube figure, you can go crazy with very tight cuts and flexible, very clingy material. Lace elements are placed around the bust, which will visually enlarge it and on both sides of the waist – deepen the feminine cut.

Lace dresses will also look great on a pear-type figure, i.e. on typically female shapes. In this type of figure, the dominant parts are lush hips, protruding bottom, narrow waist and sometimes round breasts. The material should necessarily fit around the waist to emphasize the shapes even more. Also, a woman with any type of figure can choose something for herself. What can be especially important for many women, lace is also extremely flattering and looks good in photos? So if you know you’ll be posing for photos,a lace dress will be the perfect choice. It will also make you stand out from the crowd and attract attention. It is only important to choose the colors of the creation according to the type of beauty. If you feel good in your outfit – everything will be perfect. Your self-confidence is the key to success and great fun until dawn.

Simple or flared dress?

Simple lace dresses are extremely elegant and chic. It’s a great choice for really cool occasions. They perfectly emphasize the figure, but unfortunately also its shortcomings. Therefore, they require a flawless silhouette, as sometimes they can emphasize what we would like to hide. A flared cut can be a good solution for those women who do not feel 100% confident in a straight or tight dress. It is easier to hide body imperfections, such as a protruding bottom, wide hips or not too flat stomach. The flared dress also looks more girlish and fresh. It will be perfect, therefore, especially on less formal occasions and will also look good in a slightly looser styling. Such a design can also effectively subtract years! Recently, lace can be found not only on dresses, lace blouses, skirts, as well as accessories – gloves, scarves, tights and handbags. Each such piece of clothing or accessory is an interesting way to diversify your wardrobe, liven up your outfit and add style to it. Lace dresses are desired by ladies of all ages. Elements with a lace motif will add elegance to even the most ordinary, everyday styling. Contrary to appearances, lace dresses do not look good only on young girls.

Ladies of all ages will find something for themselves among lace creations. For more mature women, it is important to choose the cut and color appropriate to the age, figure, type of beauty and effect you want to achieve, and not borrow dresses from your daughter or granddaughter. Not everyone, because everything will be nice, and the lace is uneven. This one can be too heavy and decorative or delicate. It is also said that bright colors add freshness and grace, and also rejuvenate. A lace dress is a thing that will find its place in every woman’s wardrobe. It combines elegance, practicality and universality. It can be a perfect replacement for a well-worn “little black dress”, because just like her, it will work for almost any occasion and will make you always look and feel divine. Lacy “little blacks” are also graceful. It is only important to choose this type of creation carefully, paying attention to the quality of the material. This, because it will guarantee that you will be able to enjoy your beloved dress for many years.

Lace dresses are perfect for weddings, family celebrations and other elegant parties. Every woman should have at least one outfit of this type in her wardrobe.