Projekt wnętrz salonu

Living room interior design

Living room interior design: If you are wondering how to design a living room, it is worth following our advice.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors don’t have to be boring. They can be relaxing and calming, but some can be fun, energetic and full of life. The key is to use a variety of additional colors, mixing materials and playing with patterns.

Pattern and texture

When choosing a neutral color scheme, it is very important to introduce a variety of patterns and textures. We can combine different textures, rough and soft, glossy and matte, colorful and smooth. In this way, we can get depth and interest. The room becomes more dynamic. Let’s think about the use of textures such as cotton, suede, velvet, silk, leather, wool, and more. Let’s not go overboard with the amount of texture in the living room. Let’s consider the patterns, some require contrast and try to follow the standard rules for mixing patterns.

Let’s create a relaxing atmosphere

If we want to create a living room in which we intend to relax, rest, it is worth choosing neutral colors. We can put a large, bright corner and put a lot of down pillows on it. They should be in different, matching neutral shades. In this way, we can liven up the room a bit. We can also choose a dark gray rug, adding a little contrast. Walls, window frames, window sills and accessories can be in various shades of ivory, beige and dark gray. In this way, we will create a calming interior that encourages rest and relaxation.

Sophisticated gray

Refinement is easily achieved if we use neutral shades. We can use a single gray tone and emphasize it with luxurious details. The interior will be luxurious and will have an elegant atmosphere. Gray can be perceived as gloomy and boring. However, the approach to gray matter has changed in the last 10 years. It is now a very popular neutral color. It is more elegant than brown and more versatile than silver. It is a flexible shade that can suit almost any interior.

Attention to architectural details

Decorating rooms with neutral is not limited to choosing furniture and wall colors. If we want to create an interesting interior, consider taking into account the architectural details, e.g. ceiling beams, shiplaps, paneling, decorative columns and arches. These details can have a significant impact on the arrangement of the room. Remember that a neutral color does not have to be limited to white. By contrasting it with different colors, the room will look more dynamic.

Family atmosphere

A neutral lounge can be very comfortable and family friendly. It’s a good idea to use darker neutral colors like brown and black. Let’s also think about the different patterns. The neutral color can be white, black, gray or shades of brown, or dark gray. In contrast to a completely white room, dark neutral colors invite you to relax and unwind.

Luxurious interior

Despite some opinions, a neutral salon does not have to be boring at all. In fact, all neutral rooms can be very elegant and even glamorous. It is worth mixing different elements to create a unique effect. Glass, mirror, chrome and silver create a luxurious atmosphere. Just because a room uses a neutral color palette, it doesn’t have to be boring right away.

Modern interior

If you want a modern, contemporary interior, it is worth considering a neutral color scheme. Black, white, beige and gray are perfect for a simple yet contemporary interior. Let’s add various textures and patterns.


The details are important.

Neutral lounges can be just as warm, comfortable and cozy as more colorful ones. However, if we do not pay attention to small details, the interior can be boring and bland. Even a small amount of subtle details, such as a textured functional wall and decorative pillows, keep boredom away. Simplicity is important. Let’s take care of the convenience.

Comfort and warmth

Any neutral room, light or dark, needs a little warmth. There are several ways to do this. One of them is the use of soft textures that are pleasant to the touch. Let’s think about the use of velvet, wool, chenille. Let’s combine neutral colors with warm accents. Combine gray with brown, not blue. Let’s also take care of wooden accents. Wood adds depth to everything. We can choose a wooden table, chairs with wooden legs. However, if wood is not our style, let’s opt for warm metals, e.g. brass and bronze.

Let’s take care of balance when arranging furniture

Balance is extremely important when decorating the interior and arranging furniture and other items in the living room. Let’s pay attention to both the size and arrangement of various pieces of furniture. Let’s not put all the small or large elements in one part of the living room. Let’s take care of the right balance so that the room calms us down. Let’s also pay attention to the shapes. Combine them, for example, simple chairs with a round coffee table.

All rules are very important. In this way, we will be able to relax in peace.