Nowoczesne systemy parkingowe

Modern parking systems

Modern parking systems: You should be aware that producers of parking systems are increasing the quality of their products year by year. What features of these systems are by far the most important for users? It is worth realizing that customers have already set the bar very high for manufacturers. Their expectations concern not only a neat appearance, but also operating costs and appearance. Currently, it is very important to take care of the total costs of the access control system. The buyers of parking systems are aware that the sum of the final expenses for the repair of equipment or the maintenance of equipment purchased at a much lower price can be very high.


When making a decision to purchase a parking system the investor  should thoroughly delve into the details of the parameters of its individual elements. It is worth knowing that improperly selected equipment may not only be very loaded, but will also require frequent repairs. In addition, the system must correspond to the size of the car park in question. It should also meet the owner’s expectations when it comes to additional functions. Don’t forget to take a look at the barrier’s possibilities. These include, among others the number of cycles that can be unscathed until the first check.

It is necessary to note that in the event that there will be increased traffic in a given place of use, it is necessary to ensure that it has an appropriate translation into a given frequency in terms of use. It is worth taking a very close look at the manufacturers of individual products. Its participation in the entire procedure related to the purchase of the system will be very important. The manufacturer should provide appropriate advice related to the selection of the appropriate equipment, as well as assist with services. It is worth realizing that a reliable company must be close to its customers. It should also be emphasized that a very extensive network of dealers will be able to guarantee a very quick response to each notification. Of course, the system as a whole contributes to reliability.


It is worth knowing that the owners of car parks would like to be absolutely sure that their car parks are sealed. This means that virtually all entries and exits must be registered. However, not all entrepreneurs are aware that the discussed tightness of the parking system includes software, correct design, installation and devices. In addition, very good software is able to register all events not only in the parking lot, but also around it. It should be noted that induction loops, which are used by the most renowned systems, are able to recognize not only the appearance of vehicles at the barrier, but also the directionality of its passage. It is also worth knowing that if a ticket is collected when entering a given parking lot, and then the car withdraws, the loop will not only catch the whole situation, but also cancel the ticket. It is also necessary to be aware of the tightness the parking system can be increased by using additional functions related to the recognition of license plates.


It is worth knowing that in places where the most renowned parking systems operate, an increase in turnover from 30 to even 60% has been observed. This is obviously the result of the accuracy of the software. It should be realized that the benefits of using the highest possible quality systems are definitely more. In addition, the service team for a given car park may be limited to even one person, whose task will be only to supervise the monitoring or control the operation of the entire system. Not all entrepreneurs know that it is enough to locate the automatic cash register inside the car park, not on the exit line. In this way, you can easily save the time that the driver would have to spend in the queue to leave the parking lot, because the driver in front of him would extend the validity of the subscription card or look for change.


Drivers also save time looking for a free parking space, because in front of the entrance information not only about their number, but also their location will be displayed. In addition, savings from investments in the highest possible quality parking system will also include the area of ​​energy efficiency. It is worth remembering that at the stage of planning the purchase of a parking system, you should seriously consider whether the company will expand the existing parking lot in the future or equip it with additional devices, including automatic cash registers. The aforementioned changes will involve not only additional costs of devices, but also a possible additional payment for the license of the given software.