Ozonowanie jak to działa?

Ozonation how does it work?

Ozonation how does it work? Ozonation is an increasingly used disinfection method. Until quite recently, it was not very popular and was used, rather, for specialized applications. First of all, ozonation was applied to air-conditioning devices, both those in cars and those used in buildings. It was basically one of the few methods, and probably the simplest of all, which guaranteed virtually one hundred percent disinfection in places that were very difficult to access, such as evaporators or ventilation ducts.

Currently, however, due to the SARS-COV-2 virus pandemic, the ozonation methodis used more and more often. It is used, among others, for ozonation of hotels, apartments, doctor’s offices, kindergartens, etc. Let’s take a look at what ozonation is and how it works.

What is ozone?

Before we even talk about ozonation of rooms , we must first of all tell ourselves what the active substance used in the ozonation process is. Everyone knows the name ozone, but hardly anyone remembers what ozone actually is. Ozone is a three-atomic oxygen molecule. At first glance, it can be said theoretically that this substance looks very harmless. Most of us associate oxygen rather. It is very important to us. We cannot live without oxygen, but we must point out here that different elements, if they have different allotropes, can have different properties. They can be safe in one form, and they can harm us in the other. This is also the case with oxygen, and with its special form, ozone.

Properties of ozone

Although ozone is a gas that can be said to occur naturally, we cannot count on the fact that if we want to ozone a room , for example , we will open a window and ozone will simply fall into the apartment and disinfect it. At our altitudes, we must artificially create ozone because it does not naturally occur in nature, and if trace amounts are actually present in the air that people come into contact with, they are the result of either lightning or human activity related to with various types of combustionfuels.

Ozone is an allotropic form, which unfortunately (or fortunately) is not very durable and for this reason, if we want to maintain a given concentration of ozone, we must balance the process of its decomposition and the process of its creation. This is what happens in the upper atmosphere, although it is actually a natural process (forced by cosmic rays). The ozone that breaks down is replenished by the ozone that forms. Ozone can form in the upper atmosphere because cosmic rays, which are at higher altitudes, excite oxygen molecules, which can then (additional energy) combine into a tratomic form. As there is practically no cosmic radiation near the earth’s surface, ozone is mainly affected by decomposition processes.

How does the ozonation process of flats , houses and other spaces work?

Ozone is a harmful gas and it can be said that ozone would kill basically any living organism. The point here is not to scare you with ozone, but to recall an old adage that is related to, among others, pharmacy and medicine. She says that poison and medicine are very often the same substances, but they differ in dose. This is roughly the case, for example, when it comes to ozonation of houses and other rooms. Ozone, which is sometimes contained in our atmosphere, is not particularly harmful to humans after the storm, because its concentration is low and it breaks down quickly, but if we entered an ozonated roomwithout protection, we would probably feel the effects and we would feel it rather quickly.

Man, however, is quite a large organism. The same dose that will harm humans or even in smaller amounts will have a negligible effect on us, on smaller organisms will have a deadly effect. This is basically what this is about. Ozone mainly kills viruses, bacteria and fungi, although in the case of viruses it is difficult to talk about killing because the virus itself is dead. It is about some sort of biological nomenclature, but the fact is that the virus has no metabolism and does not reproduce by itself, except in the cells of its host. Anyway, ozone attacks the lipid envelopes of viruses, which breaks down and inactivates the virus, kills bacteria and fungi, that is, a whole lot of microbes that threaten us on a daily basis.

Can I ozone my apartment myself ?

We can ozone apartments and other places on our own. However, to ozonate the room, we need knowledge and appropriate equipment. When it comes to knowledge, it is key to making the process effective and safe for us. Knowledge is both about how to ozone and what the ozone concentration should be, in other words how long the ozonation should last.