Działki na sprzedaż: Błędy, które sprzedający popełniają najczęściej

Plots of land for sale: The most common mistakes that sellers make

Putting a plot of land for sale in an advantageous and possibly safe manner is not a very simple task. Any activities on the real estate market require a great deal of knowledge and experience in this field. Minor omissions can have powerful consequences in the future, and the overlooking of seemingly insignificant matters is usually the starting point for mistakes that result in huge financial losses for the seller. Therefore, it is worth making every effort to ensure that the offer prepared by us is as attractive as possible for both potential buyers and ourselves. You should focus on small things, important documents and many other aspects. What mistakes are most often made by sellers? How to avoid committing them?


Why is the land sale plan so important?


A person planning to put up a plot of land for sale usually has two goals. The first is to finalize the transaction as quickly as possible, and the second is to obtain the highest price for the offered area. To achieve such assumptions, each stage of the sales process must be planned in advance. In this matter, you should avoid making ill-considered decisions and acting on impulse. It is also worth giving up listening to the advice of people who have no experience in conducting similar transactions.


The plan for the sale of land should start from the moment of the final decision to sell, by completing all the documents necessary to carry out the transaction, determining the expected profit, carefully analyzing the competitors’ offers and the valuation of your own plot for sale , to signing the contract with the buyer and completing all activities related to transfer of land rights to the buyer. The best option is to use the help of experienced brokers. They are able to eliminate the possibility of making any mistakes and make the whole process run smoothly and professionally.


Plots for sale and errors in their valuation


One of the most common mistakes in the process of selling land is accepting the wrong price at the time of creating an offer. People trying to carry out the entire sale process on their own, very often overestimate the value of their plot, which translates into the loss of many potential buyers. It is not worth assuming that the best option will be to lower the amount later. It is best to present your expectations right away in a clear and legible way for those interested. Interestingly, mistakes of this kind are made by both landowners and inexperienced brokers.


A properly selected offer price of a plot for sale is one that directly results from the four most important criteria, namely:


  • the current market situation;
  • the demand for building plots in the region;
  • the quality and class of the land sold and the access road leading to it;
  • site location.


It should be known that too high financial expectations, which are not reflected in the real value of the site, significantly limit the circle of potential buyers. As a result of bad valuation, the ability to close the transaction quickly is therefore lost. It is worth remembering that the most precise selection of the price is possible thanks to the services of qualified intermediaries. Specifically, those who have many years of experience in their profession. It is best to choose brokers coming from the place where our plot for sale is located . Thanks to this, you can be more confident that the contractor knows the market very well and will be able to do his job even better.


Inadequate promotion of the offer


Even if the price of the plot for sale has been calculated perfectly, the lack of appropriate promotional activities can effectively extend the time of the transaction. The point is that because of poor advertising, the offer has no chance of reaching a large number of potential buyers. The best marketing activities are a kind of compromise between range and cost.


It is important to choose well the media where the offer will be presented. This will make it easier to reach the desired target group. The best solution seems to be to use the services of an intermediary company. Such companies usually know exactly in which media it is best to advertise a given plot of land for sale . Offices with experience in the industry do it almost intuitively and almost always manage to choose the best possible path.


What’s more, using the knowledge of intermediaries also allows you to reduce all costs associated with promoting the offer. All because the activities are performed professionally and their effects are certain. Thanks to this, sellers do not overpay and gain a larger group of interested parties. It is not worth thinking that selling a plot on your own is cheaper. It generates many costs resulting from the lack of knowledge and experience of the landowners. In this situation, you need to invest a bit at the beginning to gain more when finalizing the transaction.