Szkolenia rehabilitacyjne z zakresu terapii pediatrycznej

Rehabilitation training in the field of pediatric therapy

Rehabilitation training in the field of pediatric therapy: One of the pediatric therapy training courses to be held in 2019 is Rehabilitation in developmental disorders of infants up to 12 months of age . This is a very useful course, as in the case of developmental disorders, it is extremely important to start correcting them from the first months of a child’s life. The training in question takes place in as many as five cities across Poland, and is the most accessible pediatric rehabilitation training this year. 

Rehabilitation training can be done in Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk or Poznań. It lasts five days, seven hours a day – with the exception of the last day, when the classes are shorter and focus mainly on revising previously acquired knowledge. You don’t need to work as a child rehabilitator now to join the course; the training is intended not only for physiotherapists currently conducting children’s therapy, but also for those who are just planning to deal with it in the future – especially since the training begins with the very introduction to the analysis of the child’s motor development.

During the training, rehabilitators not only learn how to know if a child is developing properly (divided into children up to 6 months of age and over half a year), but also learn about the most common disorders of infant motor development: asymmetries, Down syndrome, etc. In addition, physiotherapists learn the strategies of therapy for flaccid and spastic children or learn about the care of an infant: including what everyday aids are most useful.

During the course, you must have a rag doll or a rubber doll on which each student will carry out exercises. The cost of the course is PLN 2,000; it is accredited by the Polish Physiotherapy Association.

This year, a training course is held in Krakow called Orofacial therapy for children and adults . This is a very useful course, as it teaches you about the disease entities of the orofacial tract, discusses its anatomy and physiology, but also focuses on many practical skills – during the course you can even experience therapy on your own, thanks to which the therapist better understands the subject. . The only downside may be the fact that the training is conducted in German, so in order to successfully complete it, you need to know the language at a communicative level, taking into account medical and specialist terminology. The cost of the course is PLN 2214. After graduation, the rehabilitator receives a diploma in ergotherapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy.

If you deal with the rehabilitation of infants and young children, you will surely benefit greatly from the training Preparation for upright standing and walking for infants up to 24 months of age . It is a four-day course that focuses on the topic of preparing children under two years of age for upright standing and walking. As in the case of the course exploring developmental disorders in children, also in this case about 7 hours of training per day. Classes are held in a consistent manner, i.e. first, physiotherapists learn about the gait of infants up to the sixth month of life, then from six to twelve months, and finally – from the first to the second year of life.

Rehabilitation courses cover such topics as: preparation of the structures of the upper limbs, lower limbs and torso, stimulation of sensation, analysis of movement sequences needed for walking, differential examination of joints or ways of motivating children to training. As a result, during the training, rehabilitators learn not only purely practical knowledge, but also focus on practice or methods of effective communication – both with the child himself and his parents.

The training takes place in Warsaw and Wrocław, and its cost is PLN 1,660.

Manual therapy in children is a training in pediatric therapy that takes place in Krakow and Wroclaw . It is intended for physiotherapists who deal with the rehabilitation of children – especially infants. During the course, both theoretical and practical knowledge of the basics of manual therapy, motor development and spine treatment techniques are transferred. In addition, physiotherapists have a chance to get to know the anatomy of the child’s motor system, the lumbar spine, sacroiliac joint or the thoracic spine – including the disease entities that most often affect them.

The cost of the course is PLN 2,100.