Roof windows – advantages and disadvantages

Roof windows – advantages and disadvantages Due to the development of technology and business, the market is flooded with new construction products , and the person who is under construction has no little problem with choosing a specific product. Today I decided to take roof windows for the workshop , because they are very important when we decide to illuminate the attic or attic.

At the beginning, it is necessary to consider the function of the space in which the windows will be installed. If it is an unheated attic, we need to know whether the ventilation in this attic will be mechanical (ventilator) or gravity (free air flow). The same is the case if the attic is heated. IN in the case of unheated space, first of all, attention should be paid to tightness, windows that are tight do not cause heat loss from the interior.

Remember that if we do not have fans, i.e. ventilation is not mechanical and the windows are too tight, we can focus on the presence of mold fungi, at best, simply moisture. Therefore, you cannot believe in the sellers’ promises that the tighter the windows, the better for the investor. I always emphasize that the service of the store or company will advise you very well, but some matters should be taken into account and tested some theories.

The heat transfer coefficient always plays in favor of the investor – the smaller the warmer in winter and cooler in summer. However, if we have mechanical ventilation at home, which is
very economical, contrary to appearances, the tightest window may be the best solution. It would be good if it was not opened, but permanently installed. Another issue is dimensions. There will be difficulties for investors when the attic is to be used. Because in the case of an unheated attic, the matter is simple, if no one lives there, install small windows. What to consider if you are going to live in the attic? First of all, ventilation. As I mentioned, if we have mechanical ventilation, then you should put on windows with the highest tightness. unless
windows should be properly unsealed, enabling proper air exchange. Another issue will be the location of the window. In winter, larger roof windows reduce heat consumption on sunny
days. In summer, however, in the absence of shade, it may turn out that it is necessary to install roller shutters. If we intend to use the attic, remember that the roof window is the only source of daylight, so be careful with minimizing the dimensions. South-facing windows should be as large as possible to generate heat gains from solar radiation. It all adds up to the price and that
she plays the biggest role here. All heat transfer coefficients and so on are important, but it is the price that will make us decide on a given product or not. In my opinion , however, if we are not sure what to choose, it is worth inviting a representative of the company that will install our windows and ask him for his opinion. After all, this is a person who lives off installing windows and has the appropriate experience. Apart from that, it is worth remembering a few side issues .

The issue of appearance – aesthetics is not very important here, of course the windows should be nice and well made, but you should not consider this when choosing a roof window. In this case, you should be guided primarily by issues tightness and heat and size. We can almost completely forget about the issue of security, because it is rare for a burglar to choose roof windows.
In my opinion, the most sensible thing to do is to rely on a company that will advise you what and how, and we can only compare offers and check if no one is punching us in the bottle. Approaching the In the end, I have to mention what it looked like for me. I relied on the company.

The representative arrived on the agreed day, of course, on time. He looked, measured, opened his briefcase and presented me with some offer based on a short interview. In my opinion, there is no better solution. The windows also came on an agreed day and they were
installed in one afternoon. In addition, apart from the warranty for the window itself, which is rather logical, I also got a warranty that the roof around the window is tight and if I notice anything, the company will come and repair the damaged place for free. I was also pleased with the price, and now I am falling very pleasant sunbeams keyboard, so I can write this article in a very nice atmosphere.

This is not only my opinion, but also many of my friends, including the person who builds houses and roofs, and yet outsources the installation of windows to another company. It looks more or less like this and I recommend this choice to you, because buying such a window yourself is still possible, but the installation requires a lot of experience and skill, which I can assume that you do not have. Thank you very much for your time and attention devoted to this article, and good luck with the selection, purchase and installation of your roof window.