Od razu po zakupie zabezpiecz swój telefon

Secure your phone right after you buy it.

Every person who has a smartphone cannot imagine a single day without it. Nowadays, the mobile phone is not only used for making calls, sending SMS messages, but also for taking pictures, browsing the Internet, watching movies, listening to music and many, many more. No wonder we want to prevent its destruction. We need to protect our screen the most. It is he who is most often destroyed.

Why is it worth to protect the screen?

I don’t think we need to tell anyone that the screen gets damaged very often. It is enough for our phone to drop and there is trouble. What’s more, we often throw the phone into a purse or pocket, where, for example, there are keys that will damage the screen of our phone. Currently, however, we do not have to worry too much about damaging the phone because we have security options. One of them is foil for phones. Protective films for telephones are really enjoying unflagging popularity. We must know that it is best to put the foil on the phone right after making the purchase. Why do we pay attention to this and why is it so important? It is actually very simple. Despite the more and more advanced technological solutions that are found in phones, unfortunately the display is still an element that is really vulnerable to damage. Sometimes, even using the phone for a few days may cause some scratches or scratches to appear on the screen surface. Although they look harmless, unfortunately they can contribute to the fact that the applied foil will not adhere perfectly. Because of this, the protection can be much less effective. Therefore, the first decision after buying the phone must be choosing the right type of protection for our screen.

What to pay attention to when protecting our screen?

It might seem that choosing an effective screen protection is basically nothing difficult. However, these are only appearances. Very often it turns out that we buy protection that, in fact, does not pass the exams at all. So what should we definitely pay attention to? We must first of all pay attention to whether the films for the phones we choose are surely created for our phone. Of course, it is about a specific model. The purchase of a foil for phones intended for a different model may mean that the foil will not fit perfectly or the aperture of our lens or speaker. What is what, but it will make it difficult, and in some cases even prevent us from using our phone normally. It is also worth checking the quality of the security we choose. Only then will we be sure.

Is it better to buy branded foil, or maybe opt for much cheaper substitutes?

Currently, on the market, we can find phone foils from proven manufacturers as well as much cheaper replacements. The choice itself is very wide. However, it is worth using it consciously. Therefore, it is worth considering whether it would be better to bet on branded foil or maybe focus on the selection of cheaper substitutes? Certainly, much lower prices speak for the second option. However, we must be aware that this is usually associated with a much worse quality. Alternatives cheaper often detach from the very surface of the display. In addition, they also disturb the image quality itself, and also affect the sensitivity of the display. Moreover, cheap films often have a low resistance factor. This means nothing else than the fact that our phone is not protected at all. We can avoid this type of problem when we choose branded films for phones. Their selection is also a guarantee that they will be ideally suited to the dimensions of our phone model, so in no case will they have a negative impact on the very comfort of use and the aesthetics of our mobile phone. It is therefore a much better solution.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of protective films?

Protective film for phones is one of the most popular solutions that protect our phone display. There is nothing strange about it. Foils for phones can be purchased for a few zlotys. For many of us, it really matters a lot. However, we must be aware that this type of security has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages certainly include the lack of influence on the sensitivity of our screen, relatively easy installation and the clarity of the image itself. What’s more, the foil also protects perfectly against dirt as well as against scratches and minor damage that are caused by everyday use. Unfortunately, as has been said, the foil is not completely free from defects either.

Its service life is definitely shorter than that of tempered glass. Often, after a few months, it peels off or cracks. It can also become dull. What’s more, the foil itself will not protect the screen of our phone when it falls or when it is crushed by another type of object.