Co obejmuje oraz jak wygląda masaż całościowy?

What does a holistic massage include and what does it look like?

What does a holistic massage include and what does it look like? A holistic massage is nothing more than a head-to-toe massage. We recommend it to all those who dream of a moment of relaxation and respite. It is an ideal solution for stressed people who are overworked and stressed. They are also suitable for people who spend their free time on the couch, or on the contrary, they are very active.

We can say that holistic massage is basically for everyone. Regardless of whether we want to receive a more therapeutic, classic or relaxing massage, it will be adapted to our needs.

What is the scope of the holistic massage and how long does it last?

A holistic massage usually lasts from sixty to ninety minutes. The difference lies in the parts of the body that will be massaged. The masseur usually spends more time on the most overloaded and tense places, or those that we ourselves would like him to pay attention to.

Depending on your preferences, you can do it first lying on your stomach, and then, of course, on your back or vice versa. If we decide on the first option, the back and neck will be massaged first. Then it’s time for the calves, feet and the back of the thighs. Then we lie on our backs.

At the beginning, the front of the legs will be massaged, and then both our arms. If we express such a desire during the ninety-minute massage, if it is possible to include the belly and buttocks in the massage.

If you prefer the spine to be massaged last, the massage begins with lying on your back. First, the hands, stomach and the front of the legs will be massaged. After lying on the stomach, first the calves and the back of the thighs will be massaged, and then the neck and back.

In addition, a thigh and buttocks massage will be performed. When the masseur performs a classic full-body massage or a holistic relaxing massage, the sequence of massaged body parts is identical.

This is what a standard holistic massage looks like. Of course, we can modify it according to our needs. The full body massage can include buttocks massage, extend the back massage on request or perform a much more intensive massage around the joints. After all, treatments and massages that are performed on the whole body are definitely for you.

A visit to the masseur

If we have come across a professional masseur or physiotherapist, we will be asked after entering the office to familiarize ourselves with any contraindications to massage. The masseur will conduct a thorough interview with us, which concerns our health and also our individual needs. Besides, it will dispel all our fears. We may also be asked about the music we prefer or the smell of essential oils or the smell of an olive with which we will be massaged. It is an incredibly good addition to massage. It certainly enhances its relaxing effect.

Unfortunately, very often we are afraid of something or are simply ashamed to go for a massage, because we do not know whether we will have to undress during the massage. Immediately after conducting a thorough interview and signing all necessary consents, we will have to undress. Of course, we can stay in underwear or even in shorts, if it will be a much more comfortable option for us.

When we are ready for the massage, the masseur will ask us to lie on our stomach or back. It is important that the parts of the body that are not massaged are covered with a blanket or a towel. It will save us from fighting the common cold. The feeling of warmth also relaxes and puts us in a positive mood. Then our masseur proceeds to perform the procedure.

Using alternating rubbing and stroking, individual parts of the body and joints are prepared for touch and further massage.

After performing the entire massage, which we already know from the previous paragraph, you should sit down slowly, then get up and get dressed. After leaving the office, if it is possible, it is worth resting for a while in the waiting room, having a cup of hot tea, and then returning home.

Choosing a masseur

The hardest part is taking the first step. In the case of massage, the first step is always to choose a masseur. We are lucky to find quite a few masseurs who offer their services. We can go to the massage parlor or the SPA.

The choice is ours. Both in one and in the other place we will find good masseurs. However, we must check the opinions about the masseurs beforehand. If the existing clients/patients are satisfied (and mostly), then we can trust the specialist. On the other hand, if the opinions are mostly negative, then we cannot have this trust.

After all, we do not want to come across a person who is not fully familiar with his profession and the massage performed by him does not bring any effects at all. We count on the effects quite fast and improving our mood and health (in the case of health massages). Certainly, by choosing the right masseur, we will be satisfied with the effects and we will want more and more.

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