What does a lawyer do and how much does a lawyer earn?

A lawyer is a profession that enjoys a great reputation among the vast majority of Poles. To become a lawyer you must spend a lot of time and money. In today’s article, we explain who a lawyer is and how much he earns. Here is a complete compendium of knowledge about the legal profession. 

Lawyer – the most important information

Preparation for the legal profession requires a huge amount of work. Under no circumstances is everyone suitable to become a lawyer. There are so many professions related to the law that not everyone is aware of exactly what people working in a particular legal profession do. Who is a lawyer? What features does it have to stand out? How much are lawyers in our country currently earning? How is the legal apprenticeship going? All of these questions are answered later in this article.

Lawyer is a person who has successfully completed legal studies and has a master’s degree in law. This person must have an excellent knowledge of the regulations, because he will have to deal with thousands of paragraphs and piles of documents on a daily basis. The ability to use constantly changing legal regulations is one of the most important advantages that a lawyer must have.

It is worth knowing that a lawyer is the lowest professional rank in the hierarchy of legal professions. The number of legal professions is very large – they include judges, lawyers, prosecutors, bailiffs, legal advisers and many, many others. This means that lawyers really have the least powers – much less than that of a lawyer or judge. To become an attorney or prosecutor, you have to go a much longer way.

What does a lawyer do?

What can lawyers and advocate candidates do? People with basic legal education very often open their own law firms. In that case, they simply deal with legal advice. Some people professionally involved in law have a very negative attitude towards such people who set up their law offices. They believe that they are not fully suitable for such work because they have too little experience in dealing with legal provisions. However, it is worth knowing that it all depends on what kind of person a particular lawyer is and how much knowledge he managed to gain during his basic legal studies. If he acts in an ethical and legal manner, you certainly do not have to be afraid to use the services of such a law firm.

What does it take to become a lawyer?

To become an attorney, a judge or a prosecutor, you have to go a really long way. The best way to prepare for a career in law is in high school. It is extremely difficult to get into legal studies at public universities. For this reason, people who would like to study law free of charge must pass their high school diploma very well. Otherwise, all they have to do is go to private universities, which is associated with quite high expenses. People planning their legal career must study as much as possible in high school in order to pass the secondary school-leaving examination as well as possible and obtain the appropriate number of points entitling them to apply for a place at a public university.

Law school exams are extremely difficult. To prepare for them, you need to spend a lot of time. You have to be prepared for huge amounts of learning at virtually every stage of education. For the above reasons, only those people who know exactly what their goal is and are able to pursue it, regardless of unfavorable circumstances, can become a lawyer. When a prospective lawyer succeeds in graduating from university and defending his master’s thesis, it is time to complete his legal apprenticeship.

Legal apprenticeship – what is it?

Graduating from law school is just one step on the way to becoming a true lawyer or judge. The next step is to complete your legal apprenticeship. Recruitment for legal apprenticeship takes place only once a year, in September. This is the only time when it is possible to apply for a legal apprenticeship. If a candidate fails in September, he has to wait 12 months.

In order to apply for a place for a legal apprenticeship, you must provide all the necessary documents much earlier. In addition to that, you also need to pay an application fee. The above-mentioned documents include a curriculum vitae, three photos, an application for admission to the entrance examination, a personal questionnaire, a copy or original of the diploma of graduation in law and proof of payment of the examination fee.

What is the entrance examination like? The entrance examination is extremely difficult, it lasts four hours. Exams are organized by the Ministry of Justice. During the examination, the candidate must answer single-choice questions. Among the questions there are questions in the field of civil, criminal, constitutional law and many, many others. The scope of the material for this exam is really huge, so passing it successfully involves a lot of preparation and stress.

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