Czym dokładnie zajmuje się detektyw?

What exactly does a detective do?

In movies or in books, detectives deal with really interesting matters. Their profession is incredibly fascinating. No wonder then that people who are convinced of their predispositions to perform this profession are interested in how to become a detective in Poland. Is everything really so exciting?

Features of a good detective

Before we find out how to become a detective, it is worth presenting the full range of duties in this profession. So what does a detective do? We need to know that from year to year the number of services offered by him is expanding, and one of the most frequently undertaken cases is, among others: collecting evidence in cases, finding missing persons, proving unfair competition, searching for lost property or even debt collection. Each profession has a number of different features that make it easier to perform. It’s the same with detectives. As you can easily guess, the very ability to obtain any information as well as the knowledge of the law itself is very important. He must act in accordance with the law when collecting any news or dealing with cases. In addition, perceptiveness and combining good facts will be useful, which no one has any doubts about. Due to the fact that some things may require ordinary hours, and theoretically they hate observation. Therefore, availability and patience are very important. It is difficult to assume that detectives work as usual, like most of us, between 8.00 and 16.00. A good detective should also be good at dealing with stress. It cannot be concealed by any means that it is an extremely stressful profession, some situations cannot be predicted. Therefore, composure and quick decision making turn out to be important.

Who can become a detective?

How to become a detective and get a license? A person who intends to work in the profession must meet several requirements. Certainly, a person interested in working as a detective must be at least 21 years old. For this, they must have Polish citizenship or citizenship of one of the Member States belonging to the European Union. Possibly, he must have a work permit or a business activity in Poland. As for education, he should have at least secondary education. For this, he must have legal capacity. Also, he cannot be convicted by a power of attorney for an intentional crime or a tax offense. Neither can it be fought against a given person for an intentional crime or a fiscal crime.

How to become a detective in Poland?

To legally work as a detective, you must have a license. Until January 1, 2014, obtaining it required passing the state examination. Currently, the license can be obtained by participating in detective training.

People who intend to take the state examination must initially submit a special application for a license to the provincial police commander, together with a number of required documents. It is a declaration of full legal capacity, a copy of an ID card, a certificate of no criminal record, a copy of a diploma, a copy of a certificate confirming at least secondary education and two photographs.

And what does the state exam look like? The exam consists of exactly two parts. It is an oral part as well as a written part. The exam is organized at least once every six months and covers a number of all issues related to, inter alia, the functioning of the judiciary, the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, provisions on the protection of personal data, compliance with the law, civil law, criminal law and also issues in such areas such as psychology, forensics, criminology and also victimology.

Persons who have the appropriate statements may be exempted from part of the examination. The officer’s school diploma may be helpful in this case (such a person is exempt from the part that corresponds directly to the study program). Persons who are ABW officers, policemen, Border Guard officers and officers of the Foreign Intelligence Agency may also be released.

There are also schools in Poland that prepare people to practice this profession. However, specialized education is not necessary to obtain a license.

We already know how to become a detective. However, it is worth realizing that it is not always as exciting a profession as we see in movies or read in books. It may require many hours of observations and not at all exciting at all. However, it is difficult to predict any twists. What’s more, each day of our work may be completely different. We must be aware of everything and only decide whether we want to do this particular job.


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