Co to jest stomatologia estetyczna?

What is cosmetic dentistry?

What is cosmetic dentistry? A beautiful smile is an important element of our appearance. Until recently, someone born with malocclusion or yellowed teeth had to deal with these problems using natural methods. Their effectiveness was negligible, so it was only possible to accept this state of affairs. Currently, we can use a wide range of treatments in the field of aesthetic dentistry. This field offers many solutions. What kind? You will learn from this article.

What is cosmetic dentistry?What is cosmetic dentistry ?

In the simplest terms, cosmetic dentistry is a group of special treatments aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry offices use modern devices, high-quality materials and the experience of dentists. All these factors allow patients to regain the beautiful appearance of their teeth. The changes concern both the color and shape of the teeth. What are the cosmetic dentistry treatments? There are currently several most important treatments in the field of cosmetic dentistry, including:

– teeth scaling. It is a procedure that removes tartar accumulated mainly in the area of the so-called tooth necks. If the stone is not removed, it can cause gingivitis and some diseases (e.g. parodontosis, tooth decay),

– sandblasting teeth. The treatment is also aimed at removing tartar and plaque. It is considered to complement the scaling in a situation where the first method turns out to be insufficient due to the amount of sediment. Sandblasting is also aimed at reducing discoloration,

– overlay teeth whitening. After prior preparation, the patient performs the procedure at home. Before that, the dentist thoroughly cleans the teeth and performs conservative treatment. Then, it prepares matching overlays. The patient places them at home on the teeth, first applying a special gel to their surface. The entire procedure takes 2 to 4 weeks,

– teeth whitening with a special lamp. It is a procedure that effectively and quickly improves the aesthetics of the teeth. The procedure takes no more than half an hour. During the procedure, the dentist applies a special preparation to the teeth, which is then illuminated with a lamp. Thanks to this, you can achieve snow-white teeth during one visit,

– veneers. It is a procedure aimed at changing the shape of the teeth. The most expensive models are made of porcelain, while the cheaper ones are made of composite material. They are placed on properly prepared teeth. They are used primarily in the case of permanent discoloration, fractures or unsightly shape of the teeth.

What are the contraindications for cosmetic dentistry treatments?

Unfortunately, not everyone can undergo cosmetic dentistry treatments. The first restrictions apply to age. The patient should be at least 16 years of age. Certain health problems may also be a contraindication, so they should be reported during the interview with the dentist. During the interview, the doctor assesses whether the patient can undergo a specific procedure. Other key medical contraindications include:

– pregnancy and breastfeeding,

– hypersensitivity or allergy to the ingredients of the agents used for the treatment.

What are the prices of cosmetic dentistry treatments?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments seem very attractive. However, they are associated with high prices. However, the costs of individual treatments can be very different, which is due to many factors. First, from the facility where the procedure is performed. In large urban centers, as well as clinics that have a well-known and respected brand of services, treatments are usually more expensive. Most of them are also not available under the National Health Fund. The exception is scaling, i.e. the removal of tartar from the teeth. In addition, the procedure can only be performed once a year. In the case of smokers and people whose teeth condition is very neglected (e.g. by regularly drinking wine) the frequency is insufficient. Unfortunately, in many cases it turns out to be insufficient to obtain the proper condition of the teeth. Additional sandblasting is necessary.The prices of the treatment range from 100 to 150 PLN. How much do other cosmetic dentistry offers cost? Installation of a composite veneer costs about PLN 250–400, and a porcelain veneer – about PLN 900–1200. Overlay whitening costs about PLN 600-700, and with a lamp – about PLN 1000.

We live in a time when appearance is often of paramount importance. The condition of the dentition is also an important element. It is the face that the interlocutor’s eyes most often focus on, and as you know, the first impression can only be made once. Aesthetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that plays an important role in building a positive image, eliminating complexes and increasing self-esteem. A beautiful smile is undoubtedly an important asset of every human being, which adds self-confidence. Hence the growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry and the treatments available within it. Unfortunately, they are still associated with a high cost, which means that only a small group of society can afford them. One solution, therefore, is to spread the fees into installments.

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