Jak wygląda procedura wyceny konstrukcji stalowych, i na co zwracać uwagę przy inwestycji?

What is the procedure for the valuation of steel structures and what to pay attention to when investing?

We most often meet the valuation of steel structures when we intend to build, for example, industrial halls made of steel, or when we want to buy it. The valuation of steel structures most often differs from the classic valuation made, for example, by a property appraiser, and the final purchase or sale cost may vary, e.g. due to the quality of the metal used. What is worth knowing about the valuation of metal structures and where to go with such an inquiry?

Steel structure – what most often affects its price?

On the market you can find a lot of offers for sale and purchase of various steel structures, the prices of which range from small amounts to even several hundred thousand zlotys. It is worth noting that steel is a material that is valued quite high compared to others, mainly due to its high strength and multi-functionality. The differentiated prices are mainly due to factors such as the amount of metal used, as well as its quality – metals more resistant to damage, corrosion or deformation will be adequately cheaper than those with a longer service life. Steel constructions, which are intended strictly for specific industries exposed to various substances or, for example, high internal pressure, also achieve a higher price. As the market shows,the issue of protecting the structure against corrosion is also an issue that increases the purchase and sale price. If we want an individual design of a steel structure, we also have to take into account that we will pay relatively more than through purchase, e.g. from an advertisement. Any deviation from the norm in the case of steel structures costs more on average – if you are an entrepreneur who wants to purchase such a structure, better think it over!Any deviation from the norm in the case of steel structures costs more on average – if you are an entrepreneur who wants to purchase such a structure, better think it over!Any deviation from the norm in the case of steel structures costs more on average – if you are an entrepreneur who wants to purchase such a structure, better think it over!

Who deals with the valuation of steel structures?

If we care about the professional valuation of steel structures, it is worth turning to specialists who are well-versed not only in the market value of steel, but also deal with it on a daily basis. The price of such a service depends largely on the size of the structure and the time it takes to make a valuation. There are many companies on the current market that offer services both in the field of consultancy and the valuation of steel structures for private and industrial use. When choosing such a company, it is worth following mainly the offer and scope of activities, but also the opinions of other customers who have used the services of a specific company so far. It is the easiest and the cheapest way to find reliable and accurate specialists. The selection criterion should also be thatwhat kind of steel structure we care about – some companies specialize strictly in industry and production, others focus their activities on smaller, commercial steel installations.

What is more profitable – a ready-made or an individual project?

It is worth noting that custom-made steel installations, in line with our expectations, can be a much greater expense than the purchase of a universal and ready-made structure. In this case, there is no best solution – if the investment in a steel structure provides for an extraordinary shape, you have to pay for such a performance. Saving in this case is definitely not advisable, because the steel structure must fulfill its task and be useful if we have to invest money in it. In some cases, minor modifications are enough, sometimes the universal and simple shape of the structure can be later adapted and individually adapted. It all depends on what its intended purpose is and whether the universality works to our advantage.From the entrepreneur’s point of view, such an investment is as profitable as possible and will pay off over time, so instead of the costs of both purchase and valuation, it is worth looking primarily at the final usefulness of the purchased structure.

What services can you count on using the specialists’ offer?

The optimal and professional valuation of steel structures is currently offered by many companies on the market – if we choose one of them, we can count on a professional and specific service. Many such companies, apart from the final valuation of a specific steel installation, also offer advice on choosing the best one for our needs. In addition, by testing the quality of the steel used in the construction, they allow you to determine whether it is suitable for later use, and whether it is worth the price. Corrosion resistance certificates and factors such as high pressure are also verified as part of the service, thanks to which the investor can safely place his money. When choosing a steel installation, e.g. an industrial hall, it is worth trusting specialists who will assesswhether the investment is profitable and whether the selected facility will meet our expectations. It is definitely worth considering to avoid unpleasant surprises, e.g. corrosion or cracks.