Na co zwrócić uwagę kupując kosiarkę?

What to look for when buying a lawn mower?

What to look for when buying a lawn mower? If we have a garden or a plot, one of the devices that can be very useful to us will be a mower. Such a good mower will significantly facilitate and speed up work when mowing grass. It is worth investing in a really good quality mower, because only this will give us confidence that the grass will look good and will not dry out, for example.

Where to buy a good mower?

For people who have never made such a choice, this can be a minor issue. The best choice is simply to go to a good store that offers gardening equipment and find someone who can advise you on choosing a lawn mower. Certainly it will not be everyone, because not every employee knows all devices well. If there is someone who will not say anything new except what is in the device description, it is better to go to another place. If we are to spend at least a few hundred zlotys, let it be
money well spent.

Before buying a lawn mower, there are a few things to pay attention to, so once we tell the seller what we are looking for and what we expect, it’s time to look at a few elements.

At the beginning, let’s start with a rather important thing that will affect the appearance of our lawn, i.e. how the height of mowing grass is regulated. Such an adjustment option should be possible, because once the grass is low, but we want to cut it even more, not every mower will give us such a possibility, while with height-adjustable mowers it may be successful.
In addition, it will allow the grass to be cut evenly throughout the plot, thanks to which it will look good.

Another element that should catch our attention should be the mower housing. We
should never decide on mowers that are made of plastic. The case should be metal and
also galvanized so that it does not rust. This is very important because a good housing keeps
us safe. Plastic is very easily damaged, so you can quickly lead to the mower knives not being secured and it may be a hazard. The metal also gives the mower longer life and obvious durability.

Now it’s time for something that makes the operator of the mower more comfortable, namely the handle. Its height and position should be regulated. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to mow the grass and the fatigue of this person will be reduced a little. Just because mowing the lawn is a job doesn’t
mean it has to be very tiring. A badly positioned handle can cause back pain, among other things, so it is a small but important detail.

This time again, something that is of great importance when it comes to mowing quality and the appearance of the lawn, namely the knives, their size and quality. Knives should be made of very good quality materials and must be secured. They should not blunt too quickly, and you should not be careful that they are sharp enough. They cannot pluck the grass, but mow every bit of lawn neatly and evenly. It really depends on them what the entire lawn will look like in the end and whether it will meet the expectations of the owners.
The wheels are also important in mowers. They should be neatly made and firmly attached. We often drive the mower over uneven terrain, which can easily cause some minor damage and can also damage the wheels, but they must withstand it all.

The simplicity of starting the mower is also important. Now you don’t always have to start the mower with the rope that you have to pull hard. Probably everyone knows this way and the fact that at the beginning it can be a big problem. Now there are also lawn mowers where the
firing is done by simply pressing the appropriate button. So if someone wants to start the mower easily and quickly and not to bother with jerking the line, then just look for a mower that will have the appropriate button.

And the last point in the search may be, for example, choosing a mower with a basket or without it. If we choose a mower with a basket, it will be a lot easier, because you do not need to collect the grass afterwards, you just need to store it in one place. Of course, the baskets are of different
sizes and should be adapted to the selected mower. In the case of small mowers, the basket cannot be too large, so you will have to remove the grass quite often, but it will probably be a more convenient and accurate solution than raking the grass later.

Choosing the perfect mower is not that easy and it is worth spending a few hours on it, but then it will definitely be easier and more pleasant to mow the lawn.