Jakie rodzaje rolety okiennych możemy wybrać do naszego domu?

What types of window blinds can we choose for our home?

What types of window blinds can we choose for our home? Regardless of the decor of our apartment, it must also act as a kind of fortress that restricts access to strangers. For this reason, all curtain systems that we install on our windows play an important role. Thanks to them, we do not have to worry about the prying eyes of neighbors or passers-by. We can fully relax in the comfort of our own home. There are many different window blinds. However, we can distinguish two main categories – external and internal roller blinds. Before we decide to buy them, it is worth getting acquainted with the basic information in this field. This will allow us to make a more informed choice. We will find a product that fully meets our expectations.

What are external blinds for?

Window blinds are more than just a piece of fabric covering our windows. They also have a decorative and protective function. They prevent our rooms from overheating. In addition, some models provide effective sound insulation. They are perfect if we live in noisy streets. Depending on our preferences, we can also choose window blinds with anti-burglary properties. They are a good complement to other elements of the security system of our home. External blinds they must also be resistant to weather conditions. Otherwise, they will quickly deteriorate and we will have to replace them. Installing roller shutters is a good way to increase the value of your home. It is especially attractive for people planning to sell their house in the future and want to earn as much as possible on it. In many ways, roller shutters are more effective than models installed inside. They do not allow the sun’s rays to reach the glass. Even on very hot days, it allows to drastically reduce the heating of our apartment. In winter, on the other hand, they will prevent heat from escaping and prevent the windows from cooling down.

Division of external roller shutters

Among this type of window blinds, we distinguish, among others, window, facade and overlay models, also known as lintel or RNS roller shutters. The first ones can be identified by the roller shutter box attached to the upper frame of the window. Since the cassette covers part of the window, such blinds are rarely used for small windows. Their installation is possible only when replacing or installing the window. The most popular, however, are facade blinds whose boxes are attached to the facade above the window. In turn, the guides are placed in the window recess. If we want to provide additional security for the apartment, we should choose roller shutters with properly reinforced guides. Their armor must be sufficiently thick and stiff. Vertical awnings are an interesting solution. It is a type of window blinds that allow light to enter the room. At the same time, they prevent it from heating up. After leaving them, we will still be able to see what is going on outside. On the other hand, a person looking inside will not see anything. Such an awning can also act as a mosquito net.

What should you know about internal roller shutters?

Internal blinds are also used to care for the privacy of the household members. They must be able to provide effective protection from the sun’s rays. Such window blinds also have a decorative function and this aspect is the most important. Roller blinds, as the name suggests, curl into a roll when lifted. They belong to the most common type of window blinds. Free-hanging models are available that are attached to the window only at the top. Their underside is loosely hanging. Unfortunately, when we open the window, it will move unsightly under the influence of the draft. If this bothers us, we should buy cassette blinds. They have side guides that fix the fabric. It will always be in the same position with the window.

Roman blinds are less common. They are an interesting solution that will appeal to people looking for an elegant decoration for their apartment. When we lift them up, instead of curling them into a traditional roll, the fabric folds into several layers. This effect is achieved thanks to a special system of strings and underwires. They will give our apartment an original character. Unfortunately, they are extremely susceptible to dust accumulation. This forces us to wash them regularly. More decorative varieties of this roller blind are available on the market. These are, of course, Austrian and Venetian models. The latter do not differ significantly in appearance from ordinary curtains. Only after folding them up will we discover their characteristic – they curl in a similar way to a theater curtain. They wrinkle into so-called decorative buffs. Austrian blinds are the most decorative option. Even when lowered, they remain undulating. They owe it to vertical and horizontal shirring. In the case of internal blinds, their appearance is the most important factor that attracts attention when looking for curtains for windows.