Kiedy ochroniarz może użyć broni - co należy na ten temat wiedzieć?

When can a security guard use a gun – what do you need to know?

When can a security guard use a gun – what do you need to know? Security companies, including Warsaw security agency , offer a wide range of services. The most popular are personal or property protection. Qualified security guards who are employed there must first complete appropriate training in order to perform their duties perfectly. What more should you know about the Warsaw property and persons protection agency ?

What exactly does a security company in Warsaw do?

  1. First of all – protection of property, that is, securing real estate, things, land and other property belonging to the client. It is a protection against theft and other factors that can damage property. Security staff control personal traffic on the premises of, for example, companies, they observe the registration of entries and exits, make rounds and handle the alarm system.
  2. Second – personal protection and VIP personal protection . The most important function of security agency employees is to protect and defend people. This service protects not only personal inviolability and health, but most of all life. Qualified security guards protect people against possible threats, and prevent outsiders. An individual scope of activities is determined based on the client’s needs / requirements.

In turn, activities that fall under the protection of people and property can be divided into two main categories:

  • Direct physical protection of the client – permanent or temporary. It consists in continuous monitoring of alarm systems at home, within the premises of the protected facility and company.
  • Technical protection, i.e. all technical safeguards used to protect the person or property of the client. It focuses on the installation of alarms and devices that are intended to signal an emerging threat. In addition, technical protection includes the maintenance and repair of alarms and devices.

Property security agency Warsaw – what people can count on employment?

The company employs licensed agents, i.e. after appropriate training. The scope of training should include knowledge on how to provide pre-medical aid, legal bases and physical fitness. It should be mentioned here that 1st and 2nd degree licenses are issued. The higher ranks must be held by the persons who run the security agency. It may happen that security guards are hired without a license. Then they have less powers, they cannot be in possession of a weapon or use direct coercion measures. Even such as handcuffing a burglar.

Before employment in a security agency, all persons are checked, among others in:

  • Central Register of Convicts to verify that they have not ever been punished,
  • Relevant police units,
  • Previous workplaces by consulting about them.

However, workers who have had contact with the police or the military are highly desirable. Why? Because they are highly trained.

When can a security guard use a firearm?

A bodyguard may use firearms only when other means of direct coercion prove insufficient. The first category of cases where a security guard may use a firearm are situations where direct repression is necessary. And also an illegal attack on:

  • Property, directly posing a threat to the freedom, health and life of a security guard or other person;
  • Important objects, areas and devices to be protected;
  • Freedom, health, life of a bodyguard or other person.

In addition, this also applies to the prevention of actions directly leading to the above-mentioned attacks. The second type of situation when it is necessary to use a weapon is the necessity to oppose a person who does not obey the calls of the security guard. They may concern immediate abandonment:

  • Weapons,
  • Explosive material,
  • Any other dangerous object that endangers the life and health of the employee. This may also apply to other people.

The use of firearms is also justified in a situation where a person unlawfully tries to take back a firearm for a security employee entitled to possess it.

Property supervision Warsaw – how to choose a security agency?

What should you pay attention to when looking for the best security agency?

    1. Employees, because they will watch over safety. They must be qualified, with appropriate training. Know the protection laws. Be able to provide first aid. And also be physically fit.
    2. Recommendations from existing clients – when they are positive, it is worth starting cooperation with such a company.
    3. The method of operation when each security company, yes, complies with the applicable regulations, but also determines the method of operation on its own. It is good to ask about the speed of arrival in the event of an alarm, methods of action in the event of an attack, e.g. on a convoy.
    4. The scope of services provided by a given agency. Why is it so important? As some companies offer comprehensive services, others only deal with the security of facilities and the handling of mass events. And still others work only for business clients, e.g. cash handling, convoys, etc.