Gdzie wykorzystać sketchnoting?

Where to use sketchnoting?

Where to use sketchnoting? Sketchnoting can significantly help us systematize information, mainly due to its relatively simple form. Although it is not very popular in Poland yet, it is used in many fields. Where will sketchnoting be used and why?

What is sketchnoting?

To begin with, let’s explain what exactly sketchnoting is, as this concept is not always understood correctly. Well, sketchnoting is creating notes using drawings, usually in a very simple form of sketches. The author of the notes can use words, numbers or other signs, but the most important thing here is the image.

Importantly, it does not have to be any work – in sketchnoting what matters most is the simplicity and comprehensibility of the message. This is why it is gaining popularity almost all over the world – it can be used by everyone, not just people with artistic talent. The ability to think visually, even abstractly, is very important here. Ultimately, we need to turn the word into a drawing.

What do we actually use sketchnoting for? The definition says that it is used in creating various types of notes. Some use it to prepare a simplified version of what is in the book. Others use it to create summaries of meetings, conferences or even trainings. In fact, sketchnoting can be used wherever notes are taken.

How to use sketchnoting in school?

When we talk about taking notes, the first thing that comes to mind is school. No wonder, because it is the students who have to create the most of them, in almost every lesson.

Meanwhile, practice shows that written notes do not reach students in any way. They are just a representation of what the teacher said. In addition, when creating a note, the student is unable to focus on the lesson and on the topic. In this way, a vicious circle is created – the student writes down the teacher’s words, but does not understand his message. Therefore, more and more often we can hear about creating notes in the form of drawings. This is where sketchnoting comes into play.

Interestingly, some schools even offer special training in this area to help students acquire the most important skills. Nevertheless, the art of sketchnoting can also be learned by practice. According to specialists, sketchnoting is needed not only by students, but also by teachers. They often prepare various types of notes or briefs on behalf of the charges, but in writing.

It is worth learning to create them in graphic form, because it is much better for students. In fact, sketchnoting is not very difficult – you just need to learn it. Currently, some teachers still have a little resistance to its use, but we can see that this trend is slowly starting to change.

Sketchnoting at conferences and business meetings

Sketchnoting gained great popularity mainly due to the fact that it was first appreciated by global corporations. On a daily basis, they organize various types of meetings, meetings and conferences. It is good practice to make various types of notes from these events, which, in a way, summarize them.

Nevertheless, until now they have been prepared in writing, and as a result, few people reached for them. Currently, corporations are increasingly using the graphic form to prepare various types of summaries. It seems that it reaches the employees much better, and is also easier to perceive. Drawings are prepared by specialists who already have a lot of experience in sketchnoting.

Of course, employees or meeting participants can also prepare their own notes, depending on their needs or preferences. As it turns out, smaller companies, operating mainly on a national scale, also cooperate with sketchnoting specialists more and more often.

Graphic notes on trainings

Recently, trainings have taken on a completely new meaning – we increasingly appreciate their value, which makes us much more willing to participate in them. Teachers often prepare various types of supporting materials, but it is also important to take your own notes. Thanks to them, we can pay attention to issues that still cause us the most problems or that are extremely important to us.

Nevertheless, nowadays more and more often during trainings there is a person who draws up a graphic note on behalf of the whole group. This type of summary allows you to systematize the messages and collect them into a single whole. The specialist must pay attention not only to general issues, but also to certain details that are of great importance to the whole.

Taking graphic notes from training is highly appreciated, especially in larger companies, but it is also increasingly appreciated by smaller enterprises and even individuals. Thanks to this, we now use sketchnoting in various areas of our lives, both professional and personal.

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