Jak zacząć nurkowanie?

How to start diving?

Diving has been a very popular sport lately, providing a lot of positive impressions. How to start diving?

Who can dive?

Diving has many advantages, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are interested in the sport. However, before we move on to how to start your diving adventure, you should answer the question whether it is a job for us at all. So who can dive and who can’t? First of all, it is worth considering the age of diving participants. While there are no limitations in theory, it is usually not recommended for children under the age of 8 to dive. For younger children, a good choice will not be independent diving , but a professional diving school , where people trained for this purpose will take care of the absolute safety of the toddler. People who are pregnant or suspect that they may be pregnant should also refrain from diving. It is not just about convenience and the fact that pregnancy may be associated with reduced mobility. We do not yet have detailed research on how diving affects the developing fetus. The fact is, however, that it is associated with considerable pressure changes around the swimming person, hence this action can be harmful. Additionally, it may contribute to the appearance of pain in a pregnant person. However, there are usually no contraindications when it comes to people with disabilities. However, if we are such a person, it is worth using the services offered in this area by a diving schoolor ask a professional to assist you. Many diving coaches specialize in helping people with various disabilities to perform this sport. It is worth remembering that it is not only about motor disabilities. If we are a person with an atypical neurological identity, e.g. from the autism spectrum, or we have ADHD, it is absolutely necessary to inform the person who conducts the diving course for beginners . Our instructors must be aware that we may find it difficult to stay focused or take a little longer to process questions or follow instructions.

How to start diving?What do we need for diving?

It is obvious that diving , like many other sports, requires some specialized equipment. What equipment is it about exactly?

We most often use the following elements of diving equipment:

  • Oxygen tank,
  • The suit,
  • Fins,
  • Hood.

If we decide to take a diving course for beginners, our diving school should have at least some of this equipment . It is a convenient solution, thanks to which starting the adventure with diving does not require excessive financial expenditure. Often, however, we prefer to have our own equipment, then it is worth finding out what is the best to buy.

How to choose a diving cylinder?

For obvious reasons it is impossible to breathe under water like on the surface, and you have to breathe somehow. Therefore, diving is inevitably associated with the need to use apparatuses that allow us to breathe freely. Without it, this sport simply would not be possible. However, problems may arise when choosing the right cylinder. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the cylinder capacity should be adjusted to the time you want to spend under water. We cannot afford to run out of oxygen. Another important thing is that the cylinder should be light. Too heavy will overburden us, slow us down and reduce our safety under water. The material from which the cylinder is made also differs depending on whether we dive in fresh or salt water, as well as the average and limit water temperatures. The point is that the cylinder should not deteriorate, so that it will serve us for a long time without the risk of damage.

How to choose a diving suit?

The suit is responsible not only for the comfort and aesthetics, but above all for our safety under water. The main factor that threatens our health under water is temperature. If the water temperature is lower than our body temperature, unfortunately we will lose heat very quickly without a suit. In such conditions, diving is very dangerous, and sometimes even impossible. In addition, the suits protect our body against cuts. There are many rocks, wrecks and animals under the water that could cause abrasions and cuts on our body. The suit prevents such dangers.

What fins to buy?

It is enough to look at the average person to realize that nature did not create us to move under water. Compared to sea creatures in the depths, we move very slowly and quite awkwardly. So in order to improve our diving we need to help ourselves a little. And this is where diving fins come in. They increase the surface of our feet, thanks to which we can move underwater faster and a bit more gracefully. Thanks to the fins, we also use less energy, so we can enjoy diving longer and at a lower cost.

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