Jak zostać księgową?

How to become an accountant?

How to become an accountant? Accounting profession is one of the most desirable professions in our country. It is also considered to be one of those professions that will develop even more in the future. Although accounting is of interest to so many people looking for a career path, the path to achieving your dream position may not be easy. So how to prepare for the profession of accountant? What do you need to know about it?

Accounting – what exactly is it?

Accounting is defined as the monetary recording of properly documented economic events that affect a change in property. It sounds complicated, but in practice, accounting is an essential element in every company  . To put it simply, an accountant keeps the books and records the receipts, expenses and financial transactions of a given enterprise. What tasks does the person in this position perform? The main responsibilities of an accountant include:

  • preparation of financial statements in accordance with specific standards,
  • cataloging documents,
  • keeping records of economic events,
  • preparation of tax declarations, reports and statements,
  • cooperation and contact with external institutions such as ZUS, GUS, NBP.

These are just some of the many tasks of an accountant. It should be noted that in Poland there is no separate field of study that would completely prepare you to deal with this profession. A lot of help in getting an appropriate education can be such faculties as accounting, financial mathematics, economics and finance. In 2014, the obligation to have an accounting certificate was abolished, but it does not mean that getting a profession is easy. To be able to do it, you must complete accounting courses or training. This is actually the first step to your dream career. It is also worth gaining practical experience and completing an internship in a company or accounting office. Only then can you understand what accounting really is and decide if it is really a profession for us. Most employers require that a personwhich she employs for an internship, she has completed accounting training that allowed her to learn the basics of this profession.

How to prepare for the profession of accountant?

To become an accountant, apart from appropriate education, you also need to have specific predispositions and competences. At least such qualities as patience, responsibility, diligence, accuracy, resistance to stress and the ability to work under time pressure are necessary. Good computer skills, especially dedicated accounting programs, will also be useful. It is also necessary to have analytical and mathematical skills – this is definitely a job for the so-called science minds.

Many people decide to participate in accounting courses and training, which end with an exam and confirmation of obtaining qualifications. Then they take up an internship or apprenticeship, and in the meantime they complete their education in part-time studies. Accounting trainings are intended both for those who have never had contact with the profession, as well as for people who want to broaden their knowledge. When choosing a course, you should take into account the level of qualifications you already have. It is best to choose such accounting training that includes both theoretical and practical preparation. An accountant must know the regulations and laws, but also learn practical skills that he will use in his daily work.

Work in accounting – continuous development

After completing the accounting training, you can find a job in an accounting office and in the accounting department in a small, medium or large company. Over time, many people choose to work as a freelance accountant, financial controller, junior accountant or invoice clerk. Starting your own business instead of working full-time is a dream for many people. So if we feel strong enough to perform our duties on our own, it is worth considering opening a private accounting office. However, if we are interested in full-time work, after obtaining the appropriate qualifications, we should not have any major problems finding it  There is a high demand for accountants in the labor market. If there is a large corporation in our area, it is sometimes worthwhile to apply for an internship yourself, which will allow us to pave the way and open the way for further professional development.

It should be remembered that accounting requires constant education. In order to perform your duties conscientiously and reliably, you need to update your knowledge of labor law and business law on an ongoing basis. Accounting training, courses, symposiums, lectures, conferences and other forms of learning are actually a permanent element of professional life in this profession. After general knowledge is gained, you may decide to supplement information on a particular specification. Then it is easier to become a specialist in a given field and gain a group of regular, loyal customers. Remember that the skills of an accountant are actually verified by the labor market. Therefore, it is worth constantly expanding your qualifications and diligently fulfilling all your tasks.