RTV – jakie meble wybrać do salonu? Wskazówki dla laików

RTV – what furniture to choose for the living room? Tips for laymen

RTV – what furniture to choose for the living room? Tips for laymen: Do you know which RTV furniture is the best for a TV? Do remote controls, cables and other electronics clutter your apartment? If you have a problem with the organization of space, the best solution will be to buy a piece of furniture that meets your requirements and will be an “organizer” and an aesthetic piece of furniture. The appearance of your living room depends on what RTV furniture you will find. This is an important decision – the daily entertainment point of RTV requires a functional environment. Learn a few rules that apply when choosing TV cabinets and tables.

Choice of RTV furniture. What TV stand?

Many people think that an RTV for the living room will not be difficult. It may not be a great philosophy, but the fact is that you have to decide on many parameters: how much space will the equipment take? What will be the access to the cables? The convenience of using the TV every day depends on how you solve it. Your piece of furniture must fit not only the TV, tuner, but also often a router, boxes with discs, plugs, small knick-knacks. Perfect cabinets have a lot of space for these kinds of things, several drawers where you can put a lot of small accessories. Equipment standing close to each other can overheat and damage. The selected piece of furniture should ensure airflow so that the temperature does not fluctuate too much. RTV niches are designed in such a way that the components cannot heat up too much.

Clutter of cables is a thing of the past

RTV cabinets, which are closed from the back, will hide the tangle of cables from the eyes of the household and guests. The more large openings for cables, the better: the owners of a large amount of electronics will not protect themselves against the multiplication of cables. Cables can be routed in such a way that their presence escapes the user’s attention. Open TV models are also a good option, but in that case you will have to keep your cables organized.

Electronic devices with the use of infrared to receive remote signals should be placed in open cabinets – thanks to this solution it will be much easier for you to work. The size of the tv is the most important criterion for choosing cabinets. Choose one that will give you a stable positioning and make sure the top of the furniture is sufficiently deep. It is best to choose cabinets that are 5 to 10 cm wide. Of course, it depends on the model of our TV and the place we have.

What materials are RTV furniture made of?

Do you know what materials work best in TV cabinets? Wood provides nobility, warmth and elegance. Classic, wooden material is an investment that fits into any interior. You can also choose furniture made of acrylic plates, which looks very modern. A high-gloss finish will allow you to keep them perfectly clean. This type of furniture looks great in large and spacious rooms, combined with high-class electronics. The smaller the room or the more atmospheric, old furniture, the better to choose reliable wood.