Jak wygląda wymiana wyświetlacza apple watch?

How does the replacement of the apple watch display look like?

How does the replacement of the apple watch display look like? The Apple Watch is a real sales hit among watches around the world. The statistics show that more of his units are now sold than the classic ROLEX! Despite the undeniable advantages of this model and its enormous functionality, the real problem is glass screens, which are subject to various defects – from scratches to breakages.

Moreover, it turns out that the replacement of the apple watch display at the manufacturer’s is not possible. It is only possible to replace the entire watch, which often exceeds its market value. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the offer of services across the country that take on the task of replacing the apple watch display. Thanks to this, you can enjoy all its functions, incurring less losses than when buying a new model.

Apple watch display replacement – basic rules

In order to be able to replace the glass itself, certain conditions must be met. Without their occurrence, the service cannot be provided. Therefore, you should contact each service individually to determine what conditions are placed on the owner of the watch. Usually, the service is provided on the basis of post-warranty repair. Most often, the rules vary depending on the specific generation of the watch.

Apple watch Series 0 and Series 1 replacement

The first two generations of the watch allow the replacement of a single element, which is a damaged glass. For the process to run properly, the display must work properly. Moreover, the touchscreen has to work on every part of the watch. It should not get stuck and should be sensitive to every touch. Otherwise, the entire screen module must be replaced.

Replacing the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 display

For Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3, glass replacement is performed whenever the touchscreen is not functioning or functioning, or is only partially functional. In these models, the glass is completely replaced together with the digitizer, i.e. the touch layer. To replace only the glass on these versions of the smartwatch, the OLED display must correctly display the image. Otherwise, the entire screen module is replaced.

Apple Watch Series 4 Display Replacement

For the Series 4 version of the Apple Watch, replacement is possible in all instances, i.e. when the touchscreen is functioning properly or not, or only partially. However, the repair price differs then. To replace only the screen glass, it is necessary to have a fully functional OLED display that correctly displays the image. If the screen is working properly, the cost of replacing it is lower as it is not necessary to assemble the entire display.

Apple watch Series 5 display replacement

When it comes to the Apple Watch Series 5, which is equipped with an always-on screen, you can only replace the glass when the touch screen is working properly, while replacing the glass with the digitizer is possible in the event that the touch is faulty. In the second situation, the exchange price is much higher than in the first version, because the digitizer assembly is necessary.

How long does it take to replace the glass on the Apple Watch?

The duration of the exchange depends on the specific service. Usually, however, it does not take more than 4 to 6 business days. The duration of the implementation depends on the seriousness of the problem, the degree of wear of the parts, as well as the availability of new parts for replacement or the service technician’s experience.

Is the Apple Watch water resistant after replacing the glass itself?

It is difficult to say whether the watch will maintain its resistance to moisture. Most websites agree that it is not usually problematic to use, i.e. exposing the apple watch to water while washing hands or running in the rain, but submerging it completely under water may prove harmful. Therefore, this type of action is not recommended.

Does Apple Watch retain the manufacturer’s warranty after replacing the glass itself?

All kinds of repairs, i.e. interventions in the device automatically, cancel the warranty rights that the customer is entitled to after purchasing the device. Therefore, repairing the screen deprives the customer of any warranty or warranty rights. Some websites, however, provide their own warranty for the service provided. However, this should be checked before submitting the watch for repair.

After replacing the glass itself, did the Apple Watch work the same as before it?

The repair does not affect the operation of Apple watch in any way. The Series 3 GPS model is an exception to this rule. After replacing the glass, it loses the force sensing function on the Force Touch screen. However, there is no such problem in the other models.

Does Apple Watch retain its performance after replacing the entire display?

Most often, the replacement takes place without affecting the functionality of the watch. However, sometimes some models show problems with pairing payment cards with Apple Pay. Therefore, it is important to remember that after replacing the entire touchscreen, not the glass, Apple Pay may not be available. Usually all other functions work unchanged.